Best movies blogs always keep giving reviews of parallel movies. Here are some of them that will help you to get a better clarity of mind. Let us explore the unconventional Indian films of Deepa Mehta that created a furore in the crowd.



Fire is one taboo-breaking and a protesting film that showcases the hypocrisy of the Indian society. The film is observed on a feminist eyehole, keeping it in the backdrop and exhibit subtle emotions of the two protagonists- Radha and Sita. Mehta has dexterously portrayed the nuances and complexities of emotions that a deprived woman has to go through. The two women are dissatisfied with their marriages; Radha was married to a religious man- Ashok, who follows all the illogical orthodox practices. On the other, Sita is a newly married to Ashok’s brother- Jatin. Both the brothers Ashok and Jatin deprives their wife from love, the former blindly adheres to the strict norms of the society and agrees to his Swamiji by suppressing his emotions because he has been taught that desires are the chief reason of all suffering. Jatin was involved in an extramarital affair with his Chinese girlfriend. So, both of the protagonists were caught up in the web of social affliction and both of them break the stereotypical norms of the societal structure. Radha and Sita and went beyond the conventional relationship and formed a mystical relationship. More precisely it is defined as lesbianism which is considered an age old taboo in Indian culture. The women found their utopic land where there is no fire rather the fear of judgements that are deeply embedded in the societal norms. Mehta gives liberty to the lead characters to come out of the shell and feel the essence of freedom.

1947: Earth


Mehta’s poignant film 1947: Earth, one of the movies of the trilogy exhibits the split of friendship on a partition background. If you get to see the narrative structure of the film in the lens of Lenny- a Parsi child who belong to a rich family and remains to be neutral during the time of independence and partition of India. Shanta happens to be one of the attractive Hindu women in the locality who is the governor of Lenny. Both the characters- Hasan and Nawaz were in love with Shanta. There were other characters who were somewhat servants in Lenny’s house and different people belong from various other religions but they were never separated until the time of partition. The film raises issues of betrayal and loyalty when a country is torn apart in war. The film is quite disturbing as it keeps poking on your mind and never restrains you from pondering.


Mehta dexterously displays the trivial emotions of the widows in the rural region that were prevalent in the 1938 India. Child marriage was quite common in India, and they were married to old people, so when they lost their husband, they were taken into the ashrams. Chuiya- one of the widows, who is a seven year old kid thinks that she is the guest and would soon return with her mother. There she meets with fourteen other widows and found her playmate- Kalyani. Later, then audience learn that Kalyani is a sex worker and a sole member who earns in the community. Narayan happens to fall in love with Kalyini- who staunchly believes in Gandhi ideals and principles. The unconditional love which gradually developed between kalyani and Narayan was not accepted by the society, but Shakuntala who is upright woman went against the social odds to fight for Chuiya. Later, when Narayan wanted to give her love liberation it was revealed later that Kalyani was one of the clients of his father.

Best movies blog never fail to impress you, be it on parallel movies or mainstream Bollywood. Mehta contributed in the Indian cinema and played a significant role in unleashing the blatant picture of the society.

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