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All your life if you have lived for food, then go for a profession where you can get paid for it. I remember playing a short skit during my school days where I delivered the message of, ‘live to eat and not eat to live’. I still believe in the same message, because I am a foodie and this can one of the great money making ideas. I always dreamt of owning a restaurant and make my culinary habit as my profession but later I have realised that won’t it be exciting to get paid for tasting and rating the restaurants. You might just take few minutes to taste variety of food if you have an amazing taste bud. So utilise your taste buds and earn money from it. Many companies, food manufacturers and reputed restaurants have demand on sensory panellist because before launching out their product they require some expert to rate their food and the way it is served. There are some parameters of restaurants that need to be observed, the etiquettes of serving the dishes and representation of the foodstuff matters because culinary skills are taken into account along with the dinner table protocols. It is easy to get into the realm of culinary related job but far more difficult to get into food testing. You might think that landing in this field of profession will be much fun and easy. Whenever we talk about experimenting with our taste bud, we tend to think that is the most suitable jobs for lazy people. If you are one of them, then you should not give it a thought on pursuing this career. You can start writing food blogs, own a restaurant and can be a chef in the long run but in order to be a food tester you should have a great nose and fair judgement of taste.

Majority of the people have food issues and eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa, so people are fussy over the food items. Some of them are allergic to gluten and lactose, so the entire idea of dining out in the restaurant cannot be an exciting idea for everyone. So a food tester has to taste the food, absorb the essence and flavour and the pass on his/her verdict. Being a foodie, you can easily dwell on junkies and savour the savouries! So be discreet enough to go through the menus, scrutinise the variety of food and interrogate the waiter. If you are keen towards this type of money making ideas, then you ought to pursue career in culinary arts or nutrition as a subject. Initially if you are foodie and have a correct sense of taste, then you can be a judge of the food shows while pursuing your career. This habit of practice will hone your skills and you can end up in a market research company as a food tester. There are many sensory testing firms that hunt for independent specialised food testers or sensory panellist who are recompensed with cash or cheque for your fair verdict. All you have to do is make a blogging profile specialised in food and culinary skills, customise it and display your dexterity. You will definitely receive invitations to participate in the show. Eating is a necessity but scrutinising the flavour is an art!

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