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The death rate for chronic kidney disease (CKD) is high in the modern world. So many factors are responsible for the damage to the kidney. Whatever the cause is when you are in a chronic kidney disease or your kidneys are in a miserable condition, the day of your concern is about to end. Obviously, you have an eagerness to learn how it is possible.

Today, by the grace of modern medical science, you are about to get an artificial kidney that can replicate the works of real organ and potentially eliminates the essence of dialysis.

Some researchers of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) have invented artificial kidney almost similar to real organ and the functions are also similar to it.
As soon as it would come to the reality to replace the dialysis, it will be the great achievement to the scientists as well as to the sufferers.

When a patient is with his end-stage renal disease (ESRD), he must have to get a kidney replacement from a donor. If a donor is found, the organ may not match with the host body. Therefore, death is certain at that moment.

The transplantation of artificial kidney may bring a high ratio of success.
When the ratio of demand and supply of donated kidney is 4:1, the artificial kidney may bring solace to the people waiting for it. Where the demand for a kidney is so much, the implantable artificial kidney will be the revolutionary invention in medical science.

The data of the study says that a patient suffering from kidney disorder have to wait at least 10 years for having a suitable organ.

The lifespan of a dialysis patient is 5 to 10 years. However, some of them survive for decades. The transplantation of the invented kidney would increase the lifespan of the sufferers is noticeably high.

The patient suffering from ESRD should go under the process of dialysis. The process can filter and eliminate some of the toxins from the bloodstream but not all. If the patient does a peritoneal dialysis, he needs to visit the physician thrice a week. He has to face a lot of hazards related to it. The days are about to conclude soon.

When a patient goes under dialysis, he needs to carry some wearable devices that tether the patient or limit the mobility.

“A live kidney transplant from a matching donor is still considered one of the best treatment options for ESRD, but unfortunately, there is a shortage of organ donors that prevents transplants from being available to the vast majority of ESRD patients. Unlike transplants, our device will not require that patients be on immunosuppressive drugs to prevent rejection.”- said Suvo Roy, a renowned professor in the UCSF Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences and co-inventor of the device.

The majority of people, who are now under dialysis and in the list of kidney transplantation, may now use this bio-artificial kidney. However, the human trial is about to begin. This would be the long-term solution for the ESRD patients.

How the device works

Being empowered by the body’s own blood pressure, the bio-artificial kidney works. It works with the majority of filtration, balancing other bio functions like a natural kidney. It does not need any tethers to manage its activity.
The artificial kidney is made by implementing the silicon nanotechnology which makes it possible to reliable filtration through compact filtering membrane.
The device uses the novel molecular coating which protects the silicon membranes and thus it becomes blood compatible.
The hemofilter module processes to generate a watery ultrafiltrate containing dissolved toxins, sugar and salts. Next, the bioreactor of the kidney processes to send back the salt and sugar to the blood. So, the water is also reabsorbed into the body concentrating the ultrafiltrate into the urine. The urine is then passed to the bladder for exertion.
Therefore, when the artificial kidney will be available, a majority of ESRD patient will get a complete relief. Be with us to get the best lifehack blogs like this one.

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