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Cartoon channels of TV grasp the maximum attention of the kids and children today. This does not become the entertaining way of the kids, this becomes their addiction. The cartoon has its benefit of having lots of fun. Watching cartoon every day will make them addicted to it. This affects highly on physical and mental development.

Cartoons have become the part and parcel of the everyday routine of the kids today. As the kids remain calm and harmless in front of the cartoon shows, parents do their works. Sometimes, they inspire to watch cartoon serials for their personal jobs to be performed and make themselves annoyance free. But, do you know how cartoons affect children? Let’s know through our best lifehack blog.

The cartoon food packets affect the kids

If you are one of these parents, you are sure destroying the mental and physical growth and his future prospect. The choice of food tends towards the packets of food shown on the cartoon serials. Not only does the food packets, the heavy meals that a child take centres to dishes shown on the TV show.

Affects on imagination

Cartoons keep the child in the world of imagination and not in the practical world. The world that they can never reach remains into their personal world. They are driven out from the practical world. Sometimes, they look at some cartoons heroes flying or dashing against the hard walls, vehicles but they remain safe every time. When they try to practice the same, they are to face serious accidents.

Poor language development

Most of the cartoons do not use proper vocabulary, mumbling sounds and so on. The construction of sentences is remarkably odd. Moreover, the kids remain silent for till they are watching the shows. Therefore, your kid will get fewer hours by speaking and enjoying your company.

Vision problems

When they are watching cartoons for long hours, they are staring at the large LED display that causes a serious damage to the eyes, and damages the capacity of vision. Within a few years (sometimes in a few months), they hold weighty glasses on their noses.

Distract study

If it remains under control, the study goes well. But, when your kid is in addiction of the cartoon movies, he will lose interest in the study and his mind will remain attached to the thoughts of cartoons, the activities of the characters, the flaying feature and super-powered heroes conserve their concentration. They can never feel internal appeal to study except watching the cartoons.

Less physical activities

Obviously, the kids move a little while watching cartoon films. They also do not go out for playing outdoor games. This makes your kid physically unfit for which they will embrace various kinds of diseases at an early age. They become weaker in health and so a nation is about to get a weaker backbone.

Poor social life and violence

They do not mix with the other kids and relatives well, and do not know the proper etiquette to behave with others. They become impatient and always try to find out the ammunition that they see in cartoon movies. A total crash in society is not so far if this goes on.
Therefore, restrict your kid to watch cartoon movies so that they can enjoy a better future wither greater prospect.

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