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What is good in your culture is noticed by the people of the world. Simultaneously, the worst traditional culture of a community is disdained by the people of the world. In this modern world, who does not want to get the touch of modernity? Except some orthodox communal people, everybody accepts the development of their current cultural views if there is any flaw in them.

In India, there are so many superstitious beliefs and dogmatisms in different communities. Most people of the modern era are educated and want to leave their current rituals which are not logically fair. But, the dogmatism of the community does not allow crossing the bar! When someone churns up all the social and cultural dogmatism, they are thrown away from the community.

The true matter of fact is that this stiff mentality has been changed today when the people of different culture and communities have started living together, basically in the urban areas. They are basically open-minded; they accept the change of life, and accept what life wants! Most unfair practices have been reduced today when they are living together.

It is unfair to say, “My community is the best in the world and I’ll not accept the intrusion of any cultural development inside it”. Truly speaking, no culture and its rituals are fair and flawless. Accepting the modern flow of life and creative progress is always welcome for the ultimate community development.

Living in the same area or apartment is the better way to exchange the best cultural and social development. But the process goes forth at the highest speed when the two communities come closer by the solemn union of marriage. Yes, this is the most fruitful way to exchange culture from one community to another community.

Apart from the cultural and social development, the collaboration among communities enhances fast. The negligence and hatred among communities stop forever. The lower community starts the journey towards greater progress. Obviously, the less-progressed community feels the inter-community marriage a boon for them.

If a man of Aryan community marries to a tribal woman, the merge of them obviously uplift their social bondage, and the tribal people will get a way to get a fair future generation with modern culture.

If a man of Punjab marries to a woman of Bengal, the combination of social, cultural and behavioural development are possible between the two communities. If somehow the marriage merges the two religions, the development is also noticed at its best!

Therefore, if you feel multicultural marriages are beneficial for the recent day perspectives, get inspired and inspire others!

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