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Advait Chauhan’s ‘Secret superstar’ is a not so bad film because it has got nothing new to say. The same old story but presented in a very pleasing style. Who does not aspire to become an extra-ordinary personality in childhood? This film showcases that dream is the basic element in life and kids who are talented need a stream to flourish. So if parents do not be the strong root of the system then who else will guide the ‘yet to be stars’? Best Movies blogs claims that movie is not about just being a superstar singer but also to voice your opinion against the patriarchal norms of the society. The child, Insiya Malik (Zaira Wasim) who is born and brought up in Vadodra is an aspirant singer and she has a good bonding with her mother, Najma Malik (Meher Vij). The audience will gradually learn that both the women are trapped in patriarchal orthodox family. Insia’s mother is a home maker who always supports her daughter and encourages her to be a singer. Though, she is scared of her chauvinist and controlling husband who violently beats and dictates her.

Najma is completely a fragile character composed of meek and humility, she is helpless when encounters the wrath of her husband yet determined not give a similar life like hers to Insiya. The amateur singer full of vigour and enthusiasm with dream in her eyes wanted to something extraordinary. Her mother realised her dream and finally gifted a brand new laptop by selling his gold chain, she started singing at the age of six when she got a guitar from her mother. The young girl gathered courage and shared one her videos on a social media which got viral. Both the mother-daughter relationship is beautifully portrayed and the characters are truly promising. Raj Arjun (father of Insiya) does his role in the most right way possible, not too loud and violent yet looks very natural on screen. Amir Khan is musician who is narcissistic in nature and crazy in his behaviour, Shakti Kumar has been divorced twice and is known as the womaniser of Bollywood. The crazy composer selects Insiya as a playback singer and initially seems to be hateful personality, though later subtle instances showed that he has a different story altogether which was not revealed to the audience. His nature shifts from a crazy, flirtatious and obnoxious character to a caring and a helpful man who brings the child in the limelight.

The climax is simple and can be clearly understood from the beginning, the long drawn story telling effort is clean yet sluggish at times. The movie could reflect a bit more on struggle of being a superstar and the hurdles one has to face. Best movies blog says that the recommendable part of the movie is how the child is desperate to get her mother divorce from the despotic father. Khan did his best to be an irritating and loud mouth character- the mentor of Insia. However, the most innocent part of the movie is the chemistry of Insia and Chintan which keeps lurking at the edge of the story. The biggest downturn is the music in the film and that revolves around a budding singer.

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