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Motivation is the reason for people’s actions, desires, and needs. Motivation is also one’s direction to behavior, or what causes a person to want to repeat a behavior. An individual is not motivated by another individual. Motivation comes from within the individual.”- Wikipedia.

If we observe the definition of motivation given by Wikipedia, we will surely get an idea that motivation is an intrinsic desire of men to achieve something better. Therefore, any individual cannot move forward to the desired goal unless he is willing to. Simply, you can understand that you can feel motivation by any means inside you. It is basically an internal factor that leads you and not others. Simply, any individual cannot be motivated by others; rather, they can get inspired by them.

Theories of neuroscience on motivation

According to neuroscience, motivation is a desire of men to perform an action directed by a positive stimulus and being away from the negative stimulus. The stimulus goes on two phases, one is “seeking phase” and the other is the “liking phase”. If the liking phase goes on to the wrong direction, a person will surely miss the real objective. Here is the need for inspiring others to move him towards the right direction. It is actually called motivation.

But, obviously, the person to whom you want to inspire towards the success, he needs to feel motivated in himself. If he does not allow your well-wishing, you are unsuccessful to lead him. So, it is clear that unless a person is self-motivated and feels craze in him to go for the better future, he is not motivated. Motivation is a craze of mind that leads an individual to achieve his desired goal in any field- nobody can motivate others!

The psychological theory

Motivation is something that can be conceived of a cycle in which thoughts influence behaviour, behaviours drive performance, performance affects thoughts, and the cycle repeats again and again. Various dimensions work behind each cycle including attitudes, beliefs, intentions, effort, and withdrawal. Then, where is the effect of the other person to make an individual motivated?

Only an individual can show him the vision of a brighter goal and can shape his thoughts that can burn the fire in him to continue the cycle more effectively and positively- rest of all depends on the individuals who seek for brighter perspective.

Autonomy and compulsion

Apart from finding out yourself in a brighter future, there are some factors that may lead you to perform better than ever before. If you suppose, pay a heed to any working environment, the management wants autonomy. The lack of performance makes your job uncertain. Therefore, a person gets self-motivated for himself and not by any other individual. Some compulsions also affect you as the positive catalyst of motivation.

Therefore, it is sure that no one can motivate others. Sometimes, a person gets self- motivated, and sometimes, he can get inspiration to be motivated. Nobody can motivate others!

“Motivation and action go hand in hand wherein inspiration triggers the process.”

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