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Plush are the rooms of hospitals where there is Cinema Hall, passionate car facility and so on! All these make us feel whether we are in a hospital or in a luxury hotel. While the curing of diseases in a hygienic accommodation is the utmost demand of all citizens of a country, some private healthcare units in India are all but the rolling out a red carpet accommodation to lure affluent millionaires and the foreign tourists seeking medical treatment.

When the largest portion of Indian people resides below the poverty level and they have to try hard to collect their livelihood, where will they get millions of cash at the time of treatment? A study says medical costs push millions of people into poverty across the globe.

You may say that there are lots of hospitals available in India where the poor and middle-class people can get proper treatment. But, if you think with great consciousness, you will see that most government hospitals are not equipped with all sorts of medical treatment. The negligence of treatment and the lack of beds compel the patients to the private hospitals.

If you look forward to the pathological labs, you will see more stunning facts. The doctor who prescribes for a test gets a huge discount. All the money is slacked through the pocket of the patients. When they seek for a better treatment, some others are ready to get commissions. The entire medical cost is becoming higher.

The cost of medical treatment is not growing only in India, it is growing globally. This has become the most profitable sector to some money-mongers thrusting others into poverty.

A report says more than a hundred million people slide into poverty as a result of medical care payments. More than a hundred and fifty million people are forced to spend half of their savings for the same purpose. A portion of people are getting rich day by day for there is no good medical care assistance from the respective government or affordable health insurance.

When a private hospital has grown 20% a year, and in two years of time it reaches $125 billion of market share, what is the fact behind it?

By making the accommodation more fashionable, providing fashionable cars for the patients, and offering ultra-modern five-star like the food court, exclusive cinema showing room; some people have made a hospital more than a five-star hotel. The patients are visiting a hospital for the purpose of their treatment, not for entertainment and relaxation. If relax is wanted, they can stay in a five-star hotel for a few days. Then, why they have to pay for all these while having treatment?

Therefore, the poor can no longer fall sick, and that’s even more sickening!

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