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Women have always been the subject of every story, be it in film, literature or photography. Before delving deep into ‘male gaze’, we need to understand the concept of gaze in mass media and literature. Best lifestyle channel notes that anything which is visually alluring and can be viewed by the audience, it is the phenomenon of how people perceive at visual representations. When it comes to male gaze, it signifies how women are being ostracised and perceived as a sexual object by the patriarch society. When men look at women in a sexualised way, the thought empowers them because the feelings and thoughts of the women are not given much importance. Female appearance and decking up glamorously in the fashion magazines and in the digital media is emerging over the years.

Fashion photography is quite common in women and the visibility can reach to millions of people. Many banners, posters and visual pictures of seductive women are displayed by the mass media to attract men. Male gaze reassures women about their self-identity, society has induced the construct of beauty and mannequin is one such by-product of it. Photography of women is far more attractive and the models are treated as eye-candies. It can be identified when the female models are controlled by the men fashion photographers. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni one of the refined author of India and gender expert states, ‘I think what women everywhere need and women particularly in India need – is to be given choices, to be given some options and to have enough knowledge so that they can make educated choices’. Female body has become an entry to increase the revenue rate in the fashion industry, as if that is the sole ‘object’ left in the entire universe by which an owner can have dominance over it. Male gaze in fashion photography has been widespread since decades; the desire is so deeply embedded in our patriarch society that it becomes problematic in the fashion industry.

Whether you belong to a fashion industry or an advertising world, once you can the larger picture that our eyes have been trained to look at women’s body in such a manner. Body policing, and beauty construct now have become an issue in the social media. With the growing days, people are becoming educated and want their social equal rights. All the photographs have a significant meaning which is latent but subtly cannot be marked in our naked eyes.

Best lifestyle channel focuses on skinny and fat people and compares how beauty and ugly can it get if you do not follow the conventional norms of the construct ‘beauty’. This is the sole reason of establishing and displaying mannequins in front of the shopping store and there is a great satisfaction amongst men looking at women and criticising their beauty. This has been quite common visual culture since the decades because there is no enough sex education in our society. Both, men and women should gather knowledge about alternative lifestyle and healthy sex education. In a gender segregated society, men and women forget how they should perceive each other. Men look at women and women watch themselves being looked at, hence they are trapped in the ‘visual culture of art’ that is what is being said in fashion industry. The photographers here are not to be blamed because the entire world views women as mere objects of male pleasure. If the society is deeply patriarch from its root then even a gender experts cannot help swipe off the mind-set.

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