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The most probable advantage in doing a job is secure income. But people think there are hardly any chances to make money on the job. In some cases, it is an allegory of tension-free earning. Stiff competitions and rise in employee count have shrunken the yearly increment percentage. Well, you should not be worried.

In addition to constant monthly salary, jobs do come up with scopes to earn extra bucks. These methods are completely reliable to create good income on-the-job.

8 Proven Methods To Make Money On The Job

Overtime and travel pay

Those employees who are ready to put their gears on compared to those who guard their cubicle as a fort are more likely to earn more. Traveling to new workplace cultivates fresh experience in the book of life. A fascinating chance to associate and get familiar with new culture may turn out refreshing. In addition to that, free dinner, accommodation and per diem allowance are just an icing on the cake. Obviously, the home will be missed but it is a company-paid vacation with less daily chores on your side, so why not take an advantage?

Learn new skill

The brain is the weapon needed to be sharpened regularly. What could be the best way to do it other than learning a new skill! Several logical brain games might have occupied the memory in your smartphone but picking up a new hobby might accelerate the neurons much faster.

Denise Park, a neuroscientist at the University of Texas assigned different activities to 200 older folks. Some took up digital photography while some learned quilting. According to the paper published in Psychological Science, the memory of individuals who learned photography and quilting increased significantly than those who did activities for fun without learning anything new.

An addition of new skill in the resume may put you ahead of the horde in interviews. The shrewd mind contemplates better solutions to the problems on hand resulting in higher increments and promotions.

On one fine day maybe you can convert the new skill into the profession of your choice earning more bucks than an existing job.

Ideations and innovations

Ideations in large organizations are not limited to a specific group of individuals. They need out of the box thinkers. Perhaps a diamond in the coal mine whose idea rakes up a profit of the organization. Take out some time off from the daily work schedule to participate in ideations, quizzes and innovation competitions. You may not win the prize but at least a chance to churn out your little brain cells is certainly captivating.

Some companies might also award you with profit percentage in your ideated product if they had risen up the customer base and cash flow.

Onsite Opportunity

Patriotism is one aspect, but to have an experience of a different country is utterly exotic. It is the best opportunity to learn good things from that nation and its people. Onsite assignments also double or triples the existing salary if currency conversion rate is good. Even if you get less increment, the higher pay of onsite compensates it. Plus the chance to communicate directly with customers is an excellent advantage. Experience of onsite, place your resume stronger than others if you want to move ahead in the new job. Appreciations by clients directly can elevate you as a valuable asset to the organization. And more onsite opportunities may also fall under your bags.


Human minds have cognitive abilities to act smart in situations. But sometimes routine project work stuck you. Understand your own project thoroughly and take the lead wherever necessary. If possible take the proactive step to aide other team members even if they don’t ask. If you have learned new technology or skill, pass on the knowledge to fellow colleagues. Such activities will raise your star value in the project and your manager may award you an early promotion. Better position in an organization leads to better roles and learnings. Promotion is the easiest way to hike the salary in the job.


Helping your friend or colleague from other organization to get a job in yours can turn out profitable to you. Organizations have handsome referral policies. Some companies give a referral bonus equivalent to the salary of supervisors’ monthly salary. Imagine, how much bonus you can receive if two people in a year get a job with your referral to your organization. It will higher than your annual increment in most of the cases.

Social media platform is a huge platform to advertise the open positions of your organization.

Investments and savings

Investments are one of the best ways to accumulate wealth in the job. Don’t limit yourself to life insurance as an investment criterion. Mutual funds, fixed deposits, stocks, SIPs, NFOs etc. renders more interest than the money, sitting idle in the savings account. Decide by yourself the proportions of risky and non-risky investments you wish to enroll for.

Learning new technology or skill may also emerge as a good investment in the long run. It may lead to a chance of an onsite break, promotion or other freelancing opportunities.

Switch jobs

Do you feel you are not rewarded well enough by your organization? Then time has come to bid adieu to it. Switch the job.

Studies show 48% of employees worldwide do not want to do their jobs, 18-20% are unknown of organizational goals, and 30% are stressed out in their workplace. Hardly 20% believes their life goals are aligned with their career. Very few of them feel inspired and motivated to do the job.

Switching job has two perks, hike in the salary package and new environment to work. Sometimes people do change their job on same salary package because they do not find work in the existing organization as challenging as they need.

Jobs do provide steady income and stabilized lifestyle but to single out yourself in the arduous competition is solely choice of the individual.

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