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Why are you moving behind the boredom that your office schedules? You can ditch the day with the job you love. Then what is the job that gives you so much pleasure with the facility of earning money? Let’s have some unique money making ideas!
Yes, you obviously love to share different kinds of ideas and thought to your social account and love to see the feed. It is obvious that the count of followers liked your status update is an amazing matter for you. Then you can also earn money from your social media post! Amazing, isn’t?
You must have some social account on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or so on. If you suppose to have a social account on Insta and has at least 3k followers, you can earn as much as you cannot imagine. Probably, it would be more than your conception. You can earn by being a social media influencer.

Here are some steps described, just go forward-

Define a value for your post on social media

If you never earned any of your social media posts, you will feel amazing when you will earn. However, you have to justify the quality and value of the post.
Today, some companies are offering a pretty large amount for your every post in support of your quality posts. Here, I am not mentioning the platform through which you can communicate with the companies for which you can post.
If your post is approved by the third party platform, or they choose your post, they will pay you as the company has taken their membership and permits them to certify a post as per its quality.
Make a post and allow the brand to accept it. You will get declared amount per post.

How to make a post?

Say, you have 30,000 followers on Instagram, and you need $4K per month for maintaining your livelihood. If the numbers of posts are 10 per month, the pricing would be $400 each. Yes, if your posts are qualitative, you will get it.

How could you know it will be qualitative?

Yes! It is a simple question that hovers in your mind. Actually, all posts are not qualitative. A lady (Name is confidential) used to post her content at least 30 and 10 to 12 out of them would go for the great ones. She used to get paid for the same. It is not as tough as you think.
Can you believe that she used to do it in half an hour!!
The rest of the day was her relaxation!!

Choose the platform

Now, you have to choose the platform or third-party service provider and start your job from today! We cannot name the platform for some security purpose, but you will surely get. You will get some apps on your smartphone also.

Submit your original content

If you suppose earned huge followers by winning their reliability, you have to influence them by posing some creative contents (not an advertisement), some personalized description, experience and their benefit you have found. This will influence your entire followers. This is how you can influence your audience and earn!

Prepare for your next post

You have to plan for your next unique post. Show your creativity with logical exuberance. That’s enough! Go for the whole day to enjoy your friends and family!
Obviously, you have enjoyed the unique way to earn money by influencing others. Influencer marketing is new to the field, poke your horn to it and pick up a huge!

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