how to make money through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a commission based business where you have to sell products online to earn money. Certain percentage of commission is rewarded on the amount of sales you do. This percentage varies from product to product. All you have to do is make an effort to sell some product that you have chosen in your portfolio.

Basically, affiliate marketing is performance bases. Sale more, earn more. If you think you have the ability to sell something to people than affiliate marketing can be turned out into an earning machine.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

  • Physical stock inventory is not required
  • Actual product seller is responsible for shipping
  • You are not responsible if the product returns
  • Commission rises in proportion with sales
  • You are free to choose best product for your customers from large number of vendors

Tips to start Affiliate Marketing

  • If you start an affiliate marketing straightaway for any product it may take a while for you to sell your first product. Instead of that carry out sufficient amount of research on the product selection before recommending it to the customers.
  • Sell products of any particular niche. Posting any product on social media will confuse buyers on what kind of product to look for on your website. For example on my affiliate website I recommend gloves to my customers.
  • No matter whether you sell a thousand dollars product or a product of $1, your commission will jump after first few sales. For example, amazon affiliate program gives you 4% commission as of today for first 7 product sales. From the 8th product onward you are eligible for 6% commission.
  • Promote the product on social media. This is the most important platform to sell products. A vast audience can have a peek on your product instead of selected few.
  • Create product review website. This will help you gain repetitive customers. Also, it will be an address for your customers to stop buy before buying products from your niche.
  • Product review videos can grow your sales figures if you know how to make use of video sharing platforms.
  • Improve people’s knowledge about the domain and know their problems. Give them the solution if you can.
  • Create Facebook page to promote the product to higher audiences. It is absolutely free and easy!

When can you start Affiliate Marketing?

Straightaway after you read this article you can put your first product on sale. Don’t worry if you do not have any websites or videos ready. Choose your niche, select the product and put it on social media.

If you do not want to invest now on websites, create blogs on WordPress, Blogger or any such kind of websites. Put your product on it and show customers how your product is useful to them. Write a review for it and share it with your friends.

Affiliate Marketing Websites

Amazon Affiliate

eBay Affiliate

Clickbank Affiliate

ShareASale Affiliate

Avangate Affiliate

Revenuewire Affiliate

Rakuten Marketing

LinkConnector Affiliate

Avantlink Affiliate

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