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No one noticed from where a downtrodden-looking doggy came from or why he refused to take shelter in the campus of a college in Brazil.

But, the way he chose to get the attention of others and take refuge was very interesting. Have you ever heard a pup goes viral to take its refuge? The story is really true!

The dog recently came out at Feevale University, in the city of Novo Hamburgo. He settled himself in front of the bookstore of the college. Afterwards, what the dog did was unthinkable to everybody and the dog discovered himself that he is not, at all, alone and abandoned.

Last Friday (16th March 2018), the dog decided to stroll into the bookstore and steal a book. But, he did not steal any book! He chose the book, “The Days of Abandonment”- the title was likely to his present predicament.

Within a few moments, a student rescued the book and returned to the bookshop. The entire story was recorded in the surveillance video.

The footage was posted online and it went viral in a few minutes. It reached more than 750,000 views in a matter of days. The story did not reach at its end here. The video caught the attention of some local animal rescuers.

The rescuers came to the college and changed the life of the dog forever. The stray dog was further taken to the vet, vaccinated and given a bath.

The best of luck for him was yet to come.

The sweet pup has now got a foster home where he is waiting for the adoption by a Forever Family. The sad and “abandoned” past of his life is now all behind. The sad story of his life ends with the happiest ending!

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