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Probably, you have started going on reading the content after watching the title of my writing. Yes, you don’t have seen anything wrong. Loneliness and social isolation are damaging health so much, both mentally and physically. A study proves that social isolation is not so much effective for elderly people but, it is harmful to the younger people, and it is as harmful as equivalent to smoking a dozen of cigarettes in a day.

A UK commission formed by the late MP Jo Cox who was murdered in her constituency highlighted the effect of loneliness. The commission has published a report that more than nine million people in the UK are suffering from the ailment of loneliness. The loneliness has a tangible and physical impact on them.

Loneliness is a most common feeling when someone becomes alone, separated from others or unsupported and remains distressed. The effect is always transient. The loneliness that becomes persistent causes an accelerated aging with multiple health consequences, and sometimes, the conditions are so prominent that lead to death. The Brigham Young University researchers have proved that isolation, loneliness, and living alone can be as threatening to health as the impact caused by excess alcohol, obesity, and dozens of cigarettes a day.

Being cut off from the outside world causes individuals prone to depression, and dejection, and this can be the forecaster of committing suicide in the older age. For the lack of mental stimulation means that the sufferers will develop dementia in themselves, and possibly will generate a high risk of cognitive decline.

Loneliness does not only effective on a person’s mental health; it affects their physical health a lot. Loneliness increases depression and this increases the risk of high blood pressure, acidity and some other related issues. The diabetic patients increase the blood sugar level that the medicines cannot control easily. The depression does not create any disease but enhances the effect of the diseases persists in your body.

A person is lonely means social withdrawn. He keeps himself aloof from the other people of the society for any reason. Depression can cause loss of weight or vice versa, disturbed sleep and the person suffering from depression is prone to suicide or actual suicide. The sense of self-protection from the outer dangers reduces. It causes hopelessness and the temper remains high always. This generates social behavioural issues a lot, and the person will be rejected by society in a roundabout way.

While depression is common to all human beings, the lonely person has the less capacity to cope with the depressed mental situation. Loneliness is highly associated with the problematic change in the cardiovascular changes, immune system, and hormonal imbalance. As a result, a patient may suffer from different harmful inflammatory state causing the damage to the heart. This also reduces the resistance power against infection and promotes the loss of bone and muscle density. In the old ages, when independence is minimised, the loneliness grasps the aged people imbibed weakness and enhances the aging process.

Therefore, this is the time to make company with others to cope with the loneliness associated issues. Go on our best lifehack blogs and learn more how to remain happy and healthy.

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