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We all have become a product of our past and keep our soul imprisoned in darkness. A renowned psychologist claims in the best motivation blog that majority of the people like to romanticise the essence of pathos in their life and tend to remain in their shell. Change is so crucial in life that you need to accept it and challenge against all odds. People say change is constant and you ought to embrace change. However, if you do not press the delete button of your past and discard the rubbish elements from your heart then is it humanely possible for us to embrace change, happily? We think that change is an outcome effort and alternating and replacing old habits with a new one. NO! Change is not about substituting your habits or nature with a better one but it is about finding your real self so that your life can be the reflection of who you are.

• First analyse with logic that what is done cannot be undone so stop dwelling in the past and regretting.

• Stop wasting time that no longer exists, that part of the story has already finished. Remember it only resides in your mind. You are creating complexities only by blocking the joy and happiness which is already installed for you.

• Stop blaming yourself and free yourself from being a victim of the past. Discard the list and stop talking about the pain again and again. In this way you will only inflict pain and forget the sweet memories of life.

• When you are asked to detach yourself from a situation or any event then you cannot because it is so related and attached to your personality that you often feel terrified to lose your identity. In that case focus your attention and not on others. Do not wait for an apology, eliminate the ego from within and practice forgiveness so that you do not get stuck to one dreadful event which will keep you attached. Let go and live life happily.

• Do not feed your pain. Majority of the people are caught up isolated and accentuate mostly on negativity. When people turn down and become pessimist they feel so comfortable in that old life that they do not want to give them a chance. So stop emphasising on what you did not receive, look for closing the crushed door and look for a new one.

• Let go of anger and bitterness, remind yourself that anger hurts your more than the person who hurts you. So take responsibility and do not focus on what others did to you, always try to emphasise on yourself and the actions which can be controlled.

• Some bonds are so deeply embedded with our existence that it seems impossible to let go. So exorcise the demon which resides within all of us and in this way you will be able to destroy the pain of your past and move on.

• Pour your heart out to your best friend whom you think can be trustworthy. It is the best therapy you can do or else you can put forth in your diary. Many introverts often pent up their feelings and get stuck up in the past events, people or perhaps a circumstance. So cry it out on your pillow and learn a new perception from tomorrow.

• Meditation and yoga can help heal your past wounds. It increases endorphins that boost your positivity and reduces stress hormones.

So if the door of happiness is already wide open for you why don’t you just open your eyes? Do you know when you hold on to grudges, anger, pain and discontentment then you actually blur your vision from positive energy. Embrace change and read more best motivation blog to unlearn what you have learnt till now and let go of the past scars and wounds.

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