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Best motivation blog says that mediation can create magic and can change the fate of man. If you sit for meditation just once a day then you can at least conquer your mind which roams around only to scatter your day. If you come across a man who has no ropes, no chains, no conditionings, you will immediately see the difference between yourself and that person. His freedom will be almost tangible and you will gradually notice your slavery clearly in comparison to him. Of how many things you are slave! Your slavery is multidimensional. But you go on living because everybody else is also leading the same exciting life in the same way. You think perhaps, this is the only way of life. This is certainly not the way of life. In fact, it is not a way of life at all. It is a way of missing life, without blossoming into your full potential, you have dragged yourself from the cradle to the grave, but you have not lived. So in order to come out of the shackles of chains we practice meditation.

So let us first see how to meditate in a proper way:

Lie down in a comfortable position, in loose fitted light clothing. Set your focus at the bottom of your feet and visualise raising your energy from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, feel it every step of the way. If you lose your focus, start back at the bottom and continue to bring it up through your legs, into your knee-caps into your torso, gradually enter in your heart and see how it is melting away all the darkness until finally it is at the eye level. With each chakra point you reach, you must balance the chakras or the points as the flow of energy reaches it. You can achieve this by non-resistance to each emotion that arises as the energy moves through you. When the energy reaches the heart, let go of this plane and everything in it, this will be a test of non-attachment and it will make the difference between reaching astral travel or not. Finally, take a nice deep breath and bring the energy into the throat chakra. Let go, allowing the energy wave to wash over you completely.

Best motivation blog claims that practice meditation to tame your mind which over the years become a wild horse and do not listen to you whenever you are not in harmony. Mediation allows each individual is a training session which involves vigorous meditation and yoga practices to reflect and self-introspect so that you can get back the real you. Often people get lost and suffer from identity crisis because of traumatic situation or any past childhood memory which keeps haunting back to you and through this whirlwind you forget to keep the raw self and tend to pretend in the near future.

When we imagine different scenarios in our minds, whether it is a worry or a fantasy, we transmit a brain wave frequency. This frequency has been monitored using EEG technology and each wave we send out, holds its own frequency vibration. Now, depending on the third eye, upon the potency of the thought and by whether it is positive or negative. Positive thoughts hold a higher vibration, as opposed to the negative. It will create a ripple effect that can be viewed like a pulse or a sound wave that is completely in line with the beat of your heart and transmits from your mind’s eye. When we align our heart to our positive thought manifestation, it becomes the driving force and the manifestation point that ignites all of the chakras or points in the body, catapulting the traveller beyond the out-of-body and into the astral plane. So, in order to experience a different cosmic world, enter into the world of meditation.

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