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Could you remember the Aesop’s fable where the little mouse was saved from the lion’s anger? But, in reward, it saved the life of the lion by cutting the net with which it was caught in the forest. The lion showed kindness and got its reward.

Expressing kindness to others is a basic lesson that people learn from the very childhood. In the hearts of men, everybody has two “selves”: “for me” and “for you”. When you think about “for me”, you will think you only, and when it is “for you”, the light of kindness will be focussed on others. The trace of kindness makes one generous and sympathetic. In reality, the matter is also the same. Most times, you will get the reward of kindness- it is normal. But, does it happen all times? Probably not! Why let’s try to enter the deep.

In recent times, it seems that kindness is really fading from the modern society. The lacking of friendly attitude and generosity is so much socking. People forget to realise the positive effects of kindness and generosity. Acting with kindness is a win-win. Being kind to others provide you not only give you the sense of pride but also a feeling of greatness. This brings bliss to you.

The recent study shows that people are gradually becoming unkind and eradicating the entire feelings. Nobody wants to think of the benefit of others, the wellbeing of others and thus, they are not getting compassion in return. Probably, you have learnt the golden rule in life from your childhood, “Treat others the way you want to be treated”. But, how many of us follow the rule? Scarcely a few! The world is now moving through the paths of intolerance, animosity, and so on.

Who does not know the old adage, “To err is human?” Yes, people do the wrongs as they know the right ones. But, you may not get any sympathy from the person to whom you have done the wrong. The reason is that the hearts of humans are lacking sympathy, kindness, and compassion.

If it is the present status of human mind full of unrest and lack of sympathy, we are not on the right track of life. When you are practising lack of sympathy, full of animosity and so on with the people you mix with, how would you practise sympathy with your dear ones? If it goes on, the entire institution of family and society will be collapsed soon.

What does it cost to pay sympathy and kindles to others? Nothing! So, why won’t you pay it to others? It never goes in vain. If you are abused after showing sympathy, don’t worry, you will see his fall.

Keep in mind good and bad days come in cycles. When you have good times, and forget the next cycle of your life, you are not a wise person. Always be compassionate to others so that they come to help you on your bad days. Sprinkle kindness and get it in return.

If you lend money, it is uncertain whether you shall be repaid; but if you bestow alms, although they may be small, your return will be a hundredfold.” – Saskya Pandita (1182-1251).

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