Karni Sena What a stroke by Congress party

Politics is a dirty game. But when political parties play by the life of people, the game turns vulgar. Is it just a violent protest against a movie? Burning of public properties, curfew, spreading fear by so called protesters of Karni Sena reflects the poor mentality of its leaders and those who are following them.

A real Rajput will give his life for sake of others. History should be protected but not at the sake of harming innocent lives of citizens. Protests can be carried out in non-violent ways. Where does the bravery lies if you threaten people over a single character that we are not sure is fictional or real?

But amidst this all havoc and propaganda, some political parties are definitely benefited. Where are opposition parties now who quarrels like dogs in parliament? Have Arvind Kejriwal lost his courage now to speak? Where is Anna Hazare who agitated for corruption free country? Is opposition leader Rahul Gandhi is happy because of this uncertainty?

All are silent. Because they know this will harm the reputation of ruling party, BJP. And this is an unexpected thing in their favor. When our Prime Minister is going to address the world at Davos, a ruckus at home will portray India and Indians as community of poorly misguided minds.

What will our soldiers think who put their lives at stake at border for us? For what kind of citizens they are putting their lives on risk? Today when India is surrounded by territorial disputes with its neighboring nations, protests because of release of a movie is really shameful thing.

Are Congress Party and opposition supporting Karni Sena indirectly?

There are ample reasons why we should believe this rampage by Karni Sena anyhow has direct or indirect support from oppositions:

  • Riots are occurring in states ruled by BJP only.
  • Karni Sena’s chief opposes Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje Scindia vehemently.
  • Created with an actual aim to demand reservations for Rajput community, Shri Rajput Karni Sena got a platform to gain fame with the movie Padmaavat. Before this they were not famous in states other than Rajasthan.
  • Lokendra Singh Kalvi is a failure in politics and lost all elections. He is using these protests to set his own political career.
  • Congress linked protests to BJP showcasing it as caste based politics by BJP.
  • Karni Sena has joined hands with Congress.
  • Congress is silent over the disruption caused by Karni Sena.
  •  Throughout history, Congress is well known for its caste based politics. Initially they used Muslim community to get seats in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, now they are using Rajput community.

In today’s world when other countries are putting their best on world’s diaspora, Indians are tied up in pity things such as release of a movie on a historical figure that will not affect a life of single citizen if released. I am not a supporter of Karni Sena or BJP or any political party. I am just a concerned citizen who feels embarrassed when he sees his own fellow people burning his great country on such a trivial matter.

Where lays Karni Sena’s pride when our country can’t overcome issues like dowry, killing of baby girls, honor killing, poverty, illiteracy, rape, acid attacks etc.?

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