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What is the motto of election and choosing a party to rule us? Obviously, it is a tough task ever. We choose a party to rule us with the intention of having a good future, greater prospect, more job opportunity, and with the vision that we will enjoy a government that would provide facilities to the people of all classes especially the lower and middle-class people. We obviously want to improve per capita income for better living.

Who does not want to avail the basic rights fulfilment in support of the government? Don’t you? Obviously, you want. Therefore, we should choose the ruling party with all these criteria.

Social and economic development is always expected to a government. Every person has the demand of enjoying social rights such as the safety of life and preserve of women right in the society.

Some money monger businessmen want to control the market and enhance the market value of life-saving drugs and everyday essential products. A great government always take the control over it.

A right government should have clarity in every action they are doing. It is sure; you want a governing body that helps people without considering the party-colour they bear in mind.

A better education system should be the pledge to a government. It should obviously tend towards the international standard. Science and technological progression and new opportunities should be the basic turning point to get the ultimate success of a government.

When more than 70 percent people of a country is below the poverty level and adjoined to agriculture, they must demand their progress. Why a farmer will remain always under the average income for living. A proper government should consider the fact and take initiatives.

The economic growth should be confirmed and sustainable. The balance sheet should be maintained perfectly so that the income and cost ration remains under control. Moreover, a common-sense and urgent situation controlling sense should have in the governing body.

All these are described how a good government should be. Probably, all of us wish for reaching a brighter future in the long run. This is the reason; you have to be more and more thoughtful while choosing any ruling party.

Every colour (party colour) has its meaning and they set a particular goal to achieve. However, most of them forget to fulfil the demand of the common mass and keep in mind about satisfying personal interest.

Now comes to the point. You generally grudge on the leaders of the party that they are not doing any betterment for you. Have you ever thought that you selected the leader of your locality for having a member of Panchayat or Municipality and also have elected MLA, MP, and so on? Then, you are liable for the next five years to bear all the betterment or bitterness that they are doing. The reason is that you have selected them.

Yes, you may say that you did not know that they might be so inhuman when they have powers. So, justify a person, their mentality to help people, their educational qualification, and their conception of the further progress, their practical sense, and generosity. Look before you leap!

If you vote for satisfying personal interest, you are killing your morality. Not only that, you are approaching to a society where you will get only Barren Island, not the garden of flowers!


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