Finally, the wait is over. World’s biggest quadrennial sports event, FIFA had started in Russia. 32 teams with their boots on will run behind the ball to take home the world cup. More than 3 billion people around the world will watch the hunt for this trophy.

From 211 soccer playing nations, only 32 had secured their place in the tournament. It is the most awaited sports event in the world that will fill up most of the headlines in newspapers and TV channels. Media will produce different kinds of interesting records and statistics to hold viewers interest in their programs.

While 32 teams are on their journey for the cup let us go through some interesting facts of FIFA World Cup

Interesting Facts Of FIFA World Cup

  • Russia is hosting FIFA World Cup for the first time.
  • Brazil is the only country that had participated in all world cups.
  • Brazil is also the country that won FIFA world cup highest number of times. It won 5 world cup tournaments out of 20.
  • The total prize money of FIFA world cup is $400 million with winners bagging $38 million.
  • McDonald is official food partner of FIFA 2018.
  • Iceland and Panama are playing world cup for the first time.
  • A wolf named Zabivaka is mascot of the world cup.
  • During World War 2, world cup was not played in 1942 and 1946.
  • Three times runners up Netherlands are not qualified for 2018 world cup.
  • Uruguay won the first FIFA world cup and hosted too.
  • Russian striker Oleg Salenko holds the record to score highest number of goals in single match. He hit 10 goals against Cameroon in 1994.
  • In 1958 world cup, French forward player Just Fontaine scored 13 goals in 6 matches holding the record to score highest number of goals in single FIFA tournament.
  • Turkey’s Hakan Sakur holds the record to score fastest goal in a match. He took just 11 seconds to score first goal against South Korea in 2002.
  • The record holder of quickest red card is Uruguayan defender Joe Batista. After 56 seconds from the match start when he committed slide tackle to the back legs of Scottish midfielder Gordon Strachan he was sent off from the field leaving Uruguay to play one down match for remaining 89 minutes. Still they were able to draw the match with 0:0.
  • The country that hosts the world cup gets an automatic entry in it.
  • World Cup Willy in 1966 is the first mascot of FIFA World Cup. England hosted it.
  • Pakistan manufactures soccer ball of FIFA World Cups since 1982.

I hope you had enjoyed these facts of FIFA World Cup. The only conclusion we can have here is to relish the biggest sports event of the year. For more such interesting posts, subscribe to

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