Donald Trump, President of United States is an active twitizen on Twitter since many years. You can say it is his way to express what he feels to everyone – his public connection. His active participation in Twitter has gained tremendous popularity since he took the responsibility of President. But ridiculously insane tweets by Donald Trump over last several years are shocking even as a supremo of such a big conglomerate.

Some people believes he is making America great again with his aggressive steps and support him on social media while others take his tweets lightly considering an argument of right to free speech as mentioned in US Constitution. Maybe increased responsibilities of Presidency is not giving him much time to tweet rants to celebrities and create controversies.

Several of his tweets might be labelled as racist, selfish and full of hypocrisy. Proclaiming himself to be a smart businessman (for evading taxes in his business), Donald Trump covers up his wrong doings easily. Maybe deep down inside his heart he wish to become most popular President of United States ever leaving Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D Roosevelt or George Washington behind. As he tweets often, we might miss some of his controversial tweets. Here are

15 Insanely Ridiculous Tweets By Donald Trump

Against Kim Jong-un

President Donald Trump calls North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un short and fat

Against Arianna Huffington

Against Popular Actress Kim Novak

Against British Comedian Russell Brand

Against Rosie O’Donnell

Against Kirsten Stewart On Cheating Robert Pattinson

 Against Highest Oscar Nominated Actress Meryl Streep

 On The Death Of Obama’s State Health Director

Ridiculous Racist Remarks

 Against LaVar Ball, Father Of Basketball Player LiAngelo Ball

 Against Former FBI director James Comey

 Against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Against Transgender Individuals

Against Military Man’s Widow Whom He Accused Of Lying

Supporting Accused Child Sex Abuser Roy Moore

President Donald Trump on Twitter

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