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Most of the users of Android have been suffering from battery drainage problem from the day Android launched. The large screens of the smartphones illuminate always till you work on it. On the other hand, the much apps you are using, the battery performance is getting reduced. But, if your apps are essential, you need to install them. Let’s learn some tech news about battery saving process on Android smartphones.

Don’t charge or discharge completely

Most of the time, the users of Android phones always are draining up the entire battery and then they plug into the charger. On the other hand, they are plugging in the charger cable while going to bed and remove them in the morning. Over-discharge and overcharge damage the battery before its scheduled time.

Use dark Black wallpaper

If the screen of your smartphone has a Super AMOLED screen, it is better to use dark wallpaper as these screens only illuminate colour pixels. Therefore, the dark wallpaper means no illumination of pixels. Black pixels are unlit ones. So, power saves.

Do not use live wallpapers

If you are using live wallpaper, it means that the processor of the phone has to operate something in the background, the RAM is also working. Therefore, the battery will drain up fast. Your phone will never be cooled down.

Doze Mode

Since the Android version of android Marshmallow version has been launched, the Doze-Mode is present and the recent Nougat version shows its improved utility. The dozed mode was used previously when the phone is in stationary mode for a while. But now, this mode can work when you are in the movable state. Just, you need to turn off the screen stopping all works.
This mode actually shuts the apps down if you are not using them for a long time. It automatically stops GPS, Wi-Fi, hotspot, and all synchronizing.

Turn off Google hot words

Stop your phone from always listening. Google’s OK Google voice searching is a fantastic and often very functional feature. The problem is that it can wreak havoc with your battery. Especially, it effects on the apps you don’t actually use it or only use it occasionally.

Update your apps

When you update your apps, it means, your app is optimised. Most of the time, the app developers develop them to reduce battery consumption and increases the performance debugging the bugs remained.
You need to delete old apps which you no longer in use. If you keep apps on your phone which is no longer in use, it may run in the background. This keeps running your processor as well as RAM. Therefore, battery drainage will happen.

Use Greenify

Today, many Android phones give you the option to stop running the apps in the background. After your touch, they will only be activated. If your phone does not have this feature, install Greenify and put apps into hibernation when they are not in use.
Obviously, this increases battery performance.

Don’t love auto brightness option

If you use the auto brightness option, a light activated sensor works always and adjusts the brightness of your screen in accordance with the light around you. It drains your battery very fast.

Turn off vibration option and haptic feedback

If you need to vibrate your phone, a shaft needs to move inside the phone which works like a motor. The haptic feedback is nothing but vibration when you are touching any point of your touch panel. Therefore, stop vibration and haptic feedback option to save battery.

Stop using auto running apps unnecessarily

There are some apps that work on the background being connected to the internet. If you do not need the particular app that always runs in the background, you need to uninstall it. Some widgets like weather widget always run and drain the battery. If it is no much necessary, stop using the widget, and use only the app, chick it and get the information instantly. This saves battery.

Use battery saving feature of your phone

Most of the android phones give an inbuilt feature to save your battery. This feature stops background apps, manages and limits processor activity and saves battery.

Don’t use third-party cleaning app

There are some apps which are announced as cleaner and battery saver for your android phone. But, in reality, it is not so. When you are running the app, it cleans and stops the running apps. From that time, the closed apps start in a few seconds. Therefore, the processor needs to get active. There are some auto-cleaning apps that clean the running apps every now and then repeatedly, the closed apps are also gets activated in a few seconds. Therefore, you have understood what the condition of your battery will be!

If you follow my instruction, you can increase the battery life and longevity of it. Therefore, follow us to get best online tech news.

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