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From Brussels to Orlando to Jakarta to Baghdad, there are a few locations in the world where the violence has been loomed large over humanity. What is the value of living? Everybody wants to fulfil their basic right and enjoy life at their best. The extremist takes the facility of people’s weakness. In schools, colleges, aeroplanes, large hotels, large community centre and public houses are the main target of the extremists. The extremists set target where people find value.

Look at the ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), is a jihadist militant group in Iraq and Syria, which is influenced by the Wahhabi movement. The target of the group is to establish an Islamic State dominated the Sunni majority people of Iraq and Syria. The militants are going to establish their dominance by showing least respect for humanity. It is a great question of humanity if they are going to do something for the betterment of the common people or for the betterment of their personal wishes.

If their target is to seize the control from others to them, why they are torturing common people by rape and other antisocial inhuman activities? Is it the way of intimidation or satisfying personal cravings by the mane of Jihadi?

Notably, human rights are in threats and people residing in the militant-controlled areas have to surrender themselves to the extremists to exploit their rights or have to leave the place forever.

According to research supporting the annual Global Terrorism Index, “Countries, where terror attacks are concentrated, are highly correlated with those where the state commits gross human rights abuses.”

The civil war in Syria was started in March 2011 and the war is still going on. The terrorism and violence of the extremists are noticed in Syria. Not only is it seen in that country, the entire world is facing a great threat from extremists. Now, it is a concerning point to consider whether all extremist attacks are committed to some noble virtue. Obviously not! They also put forth some mean reasons to satisfy through their attacks.

The transnational feature of modern extremist groups is to combine with the international organisations, and the government needs to prevent them by a clear conversational session.

Then, what is the way to prevent the violence to preserve humanity? Obviously, the discussion with them matters most. If there is any demand that is unreal or absurd, they need to make understand, not show force against them. Who suffers most? Obviously, they are the common people. For winning the motto of the extremists, they are using so many unfair ways including teasing and rape. When a simple disease becomes chronic, it can kill the patient. Because of the adventure of the extremists, the humanity is at its stake.

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