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The spring is the most favourite season to most of the people of India. From the past, this is called the king of seasons (Vasant). People feel more amorous when it is autumn (Sharad) and late autumn (Hemant). The rest three seasons are: Monsoon (Varsha) and summer (Grishma Ritu) and winter (Shita).

But, can you feel the specialty of autumn, late autumn, or winter property? A great climatic change has been observed today in the midst of all seasons. The only summer is predominating almost all through the year. Monsoon is felt as a part of summer and there is a short touch of winter.

Probably, there was a time when people used to feel all the seasons and relish their mellowness. But, today, by the grace of modern science and the total climatic change in the world, the residences of India, a tropical country, feel the summer most- almost 8 months in a year. The next four months go for a short winter and autumns.

The sun in the summer is felt so hot that you cannot endure it so long. Almost 45 to 50 degree Celsius of temperature has been felt and the precipitation ratio is almost 100 percent. What a hot day it is!

The scorching heat of the summer burns your skin and the humidity will make the heat so unbearable that people feel the chocking and at-a-loss situation. You may ask why the heat of the summer is increasing so much. The reasons are technological progress, the increase of industries and cars, pollution, deforestation, and overpopulation.

How to cope with the unbearable heat of the summer? It is really a great question. When the sun shines so hot, the air conditioner machines of most houses add a feather to the cork. Let’s learn how to cope with the situation.

  • You just have to drink more and more water below the normal temperature but not so cold. Too much cold water may hamper your health.
  • You have to keep trying your sweat to dry that makes you comfort
  • Optimise the quality of fans you use, speed matters most
  • Try to prepare oven-free food recipe so that the room temperature remains under control
  • You have to exercise comfortably, even when it is so hot
  • Optimise your windows. It can be made of wood, not glass. Wood protects the heat of the outside area. When needed, open the window to pass wind through.
  • If you feel excessively tempted and agitated before going to bed at night, you have to be cool down first and then go to the bed.
  • You have to apply cold water to cool down your body fast. The cooling points are: year, neck, eyes, elbow, palm, knee, foot, etc.
  • Drink more fruit juice that recovers you from general tiredness and weakness. Lack of water consumption can cause serious dehydration.
  • Use dark coloured umbrella and cotton clothes when you are out of house
  • Cover almost all parts of the body to save from the direct sunburns
  • Use natural sunscreen to protect your facial glamour.

The summer is the longest ever season when you will lose all your stamina. Therefore, try to consume more and more water and fruit juice as well as light food to cope with the tropical summer.


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