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While sleeping, our subconscious mind displays some strange thought-flow, and we dream. They can be entertaining, romantic, amusing, funny, frightening, disturbing, and sometimes, strange.

Why do we dream? Every person dreams between three to six times in the whole night. More than 95% of the dreams men forget and rise up from the bed. This might be about anything for which you think of most. On the other hand, there are some events and facts happened long ago might come to your dream. Some facts that have to delete from the memory comes to your dream and get lost permanently. This happens to you for the clearance of useless memories from the brain.

There are so many conceptions about the dream. Leave it for the time being. But, have you dreamt any in your practical life that hits inside? Yes, everybody should have a dream in life. Sometimes, some people make their dreams successful, and somebody cannot. Still, everybody bears dream in their life.

How dreams get selected in mind

If you ask a little child about their dream, you will get a reply that they want to be a doctor, engineer, air hostess, pilot and so on. Their inner-self prepares them for being the same behind their conscious sense. How the intrinsic dream leads us to the ultimate goal to fulfil it?

The dream of practical life is the sum total of the wish of the parents, the aim of the friend-circle along with your own ambition. For example, your parents may have some dreams that are imposed on you from the childhood, your friends may have some high ambitions that may inspire you to be one of them or you may have some individual target to fulfil. When a dream seems suitable to you, your entire educational level goes on targeting the same.

How dreams affect practical life

It is a critical part of human psychology that your aim makes you ready to be the same. How? If you are a lady and want to be a model in future, your lifestyle will be changed automatically. If you will be conscious of making a fatless tummy, curvy figure, attractive look, and more conscious of everything you do, including the food habits.

You will be conscious about nutrition and probably you will take the guidance of a nutrition expert every now and then. You will be conscious of having a smooth and glossy skin. Your internal self will lead you to be stylish, dress conscious and amorous look. All these may not happen to you with your active effort, it’ll happen to you autonomously. The dream pokes you from inside to perform the deeds.

You may also see some youngsters that want to be athletes. The dreams get embedded in the brain in such a way that the brain acts according to the dream! A boy who wants to be an athlete must run in the early morning and go to the nearest gym to build his body. This is the craze that the brain does by the guidance of the hidden dream in his mind.

A deeper psychology acts on mind behind what you dream to be in future. Your dream leads you to the ultimate goal by guiding the brain being deeply embedded in it.

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