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How much respect will be offered to the women by celebrating the International Women’s Day on 8th March if the core of the society is not changed a little?  It will be a mere matter of joke by the name of celebration of the day. The offerings of a chocolate, a bunch of flowers or a gift to them cannot make them respected.

The inner self of men in the society should be changed. If a society really wants to show respect and love for the women, the mentality of men in the society should be changed and the process should be gone through all the year round and it is better to celebrate women’s year rather than just women’s day. How? The men in the society should accept the progress of women and help them to go forth in every sphere in life.

Yes, the women are not only depreciated in India, but also in the improved countries. However, with the passage of time, women are becoming more and more developed in every section of life.

Women are moving ahead today and the men should support the entire thing. However, you have to keep in mind that the society is not so much generous still in the modern age. The women are tortured and kept aside from the ultimate progress.

Until the women are getting the touch of higher education and getting economically independent, men will take their advantage- though it should not be.

Irrespective of rural or urban areas, you will find the sheer injustice to the women in some families. They are tortured for dowries, bound to do unpleasant household works, and snatched the power to go out without the permission of the head of the family (a man).

A woman can get love in the expense of dowry she can offer to the groom! When the solemn union of two hearts is nothing in front of money, the women have to be educated and self-dependent so that they can reply to the torture!

It has become the tradition to torture the women because they are physically weak and economically not independent. Thus, for centuries, women are treated as the slave of the family. They grasp the family for having some food and shelter. They have to pray money from the male folks for fulfilling their meagre wishes.

When women and men are equal, why a bride has to stay at the groom’s house? Still, the system should be upgraded with a new conception and consideration. But, as it is discussed previously, the women should be independent economically.

The word is changing first and its conceptions. Women are offered more facilities in education and gaining new job so that they move forward similarly with men.

Women’s day is not the day of celebration and offering gifts to them. It is the pledge of all women in the world to move forward and remain similar in all aspects. If you celebrate all the year round in the name of women’s year, it is really meaningless. Rather, the men have to grasp hands of women to bring them forth and the women have to support themselves to see them in the lofty height. Maybe, it takes decades to cure the corruption; the smile will be wider than ever.

“Without justice, there can be no love.” ― Bell Hooks.

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