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Weather is the vital accelerator to attack your immune system. You will notice that you will be the victim in seasonal changes whenever the temperature falls down or increases from a humid and sultry weather. People easily get cough and cold followed by fever which makes them weak and affected with allergies. However, best lifehack blog says that there is more to infect us such changes in lifestyle and eating habits, poor habit can lower your immune system and thus in this way majority of the mass is exposed to infections and is quite vulnerable. This usually is marked during the winter season because of loss of vitamin D, due to less sunlight and the immune system is affected. Though the viruses can retain in our system and fight back for an elongated period of time.

So, here are few tips which you can follow to stay healthy and free from cough and cold.

•Wash your hands before meal- Washing off your hands is perhaps the best possible hygienic behaviour one can advise. Also, remember when you shake hand with your collages or any official staff then you also need to carry hand sanitizer or any safe hand wash.

•Be a sleeping beauty- Getting enough sleep is vital when you are not in correct position. Keeping yourself healthy and maintaining when you are running temperature or nose is highly recommendable.

•Replace medicines with healthy food- When anyone is under the bad weather, people are suggested to eat chicken soup or vegetable soup. If you follow a healthy diet with healthy fruits, foods high in fibre and vegetables then you are definitely going to be free from cough and flu.

•Avoid Smoking- Do you know smoking tars your lungs and affect your respiratory system, increasing the risk of infection.

•Avoid Dehydration- So drink and drink more to retain your fluids. Trust me! It will keep you going.

•Have a cup of ginger tea- Ginger tea helps to reduce running nose and soothes your respiratory tract. It not only gives you relief from swelling neck but also ejects out the phlegm.

•Lemon, cinnamon & honey- What do you have to do? Mix these three ingredients and have this as syrup. Cough syrups are chemicals and antibiotics are high is dosage which can be easily avoided. So if you have these home remedies what is the need of buying expensive medicines?

•Gargle with a pinch of salt- This is one of the easiest ways to give relief to yourself when you have cough and cold.

•Masala Tea/ Tea with Spices- All you need to do is be prepared with the spices and enjoy the hot tea with some biscuits. Ginger and black peppers are some common ingredients you will find at home. All you need to find is tulsi or holy basil to put you in the right mood!

Best lifehack blog has many things to offer but it advices you to stay away from people who are sneezing and coughing. Also, you can help people by sneezing at your elbow not elsewhere and try not to keep you hanky at the desk or at an exposed area. Work out thoroughly to improve your immune system and carry sanitizer gels because prevention is always better than cure!

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