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Though Holi is a festival of colours, it has become now an excuse to molest and harass women. This toxic culture should be stopped forever. India bears a rich traditional culture where women are given a high respect above everything. However, it is a shame for the women that they are getting molested by some people of noxious mind during the festival of colours.

Holi is a festival that is basically celebrated in the name of Lord Krishna who played Holi with His Gopinis (female friends). Today, men and women enjoy Holi and enjoy each other. But, some people take advantage of touching various sensitive parts of the women body and do not hesitate to molest them so many ways.

If you hear the voice of a lady of 40 years residing Agartala, Tripura, you will get astonished and you will feel extremely hatred of this event. For personal security, we are not mentioning her name.

She depicts in a blog that she will not play Holi and will not allow her ten-year-old daughter anymore. Though, being a Hindu, they have the complete right to play Holi and enjoy. But, she is weird about her daughter as she was the worst sufferer in her adolescence. What happened to her on the “black” day?

When she was a little girl of twelve with budding breast and faced her first periods, she was called for playing Holi by some teenaged neighbourhood boys. They came and drenched her, pressed her breasts, touched her in some private parts. Wet was she! Her breasts were aching and she ran from their clutches to her parents crying. This was the memory that prevents her to play Holi and haunts her even today!

Still, her mind wanted to play Holi in the next year. Her five classmates with whom she had been studying from nursery came to play colours with her. Four of them clutched her and coloured her face and neck. The rest one chooses to paint colours on her breast.

The abuse did not stop here. A suppressed murmur was heard, “I have pressed the sponge of ‘R’ and enjoyed it very much”. She quit Holi forever.

Who will show the courage to play Holi next time? Can you remember the movie, Damini? Who knows the same won’t happen next? The same is still going on. Young men and women, teenagers, and little ones enjoy playing Holi with great joy and merriment. But, some of them take the advantage of touching the secret parts of women in the name of Holi.

There is a pervasive saying, “Bura na maano, Holi hain!” (Don’t feel bad, today is Holi!). But, when the joy of Holi turns to molestation, it should be stopped.

You will seriously spit on the crooks if you listen to the current event happened to the students of Lady Sri Ram College. Semen-filled balloons are thrown to them by some male students.

Human rights have been downtrodden in the name of this festival.

Women’s Rights activist Kavita Krishnan uttered that this festival has turned to the day of dread!

She tweeted, “Women who already protest harassment every day everywhere, are saying ‘we won’t stop minding harassment just coz it’s Holi’ (Holi hai tab bhi bura to manoongi), coz ‘Bura na mano Holi hai’ (Don’t mind, it’s Holi) has become excuse for sexual harassment.”

After all, Holi is not a mere festival of colours, it’s a pleasure to colour your loved ones to show the colours of your mind. Therefore, enjoy it to show the colour of your love, not the dirty face of you that hates other!

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