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The global warming is a great threat to humanity today. The average temperature of the climate of the earth is growing fast for the fastest development in technology. Global warming is basically man-made. The decrease of trees and the emission of a higher percentage of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane and nitrous oxide are increasing the temperature of the entire globe.

For the rise of temperature on the surface of the earth, the dramatic consequence is observed on the weather. However, this varies from region to region.

What is the direct effect observed in the atmosphere? Let’s know through the best lifestyle channel-

• Facing severe weather more frequently
• Storms, wildfires, heat waves, droughts, heavy snowfall, heavy rainfall, floods are appearing with their severest
form frequently
• The higher death rates for heat and pollution
• The dirtier air
• The rising of sea level
• Changing the precipitation level
• The upsurge of sea levels
• The increase of deserts in tropical and subtropical areas
• The repeat of glaciers, sea and permafrost ice
• Oceanic acidification
• The level of sea water is increasing remarkably to drown the surface of the earth
• The rates of higher level wildlife extinction
• The ozone layer is damaging the UV rays directly hits on the earth and its living beings
• Various kinds of dangerous diseases like asthma, tumour, and cancer, etc.

The effect of global warming has been noticed remarkably since the year 2000. Sixteen among the seventeen years are recorded as the warmest ones. This change has not occurred in a day and it is completely manmade. The increase of temperature effects highly on melting ice and the level of seawater has been increasing. As the temperature is increasing by leaps and bounds, the climatic prediction comes to no work. People are facing a world going on its own wish.
Some crucial change is happening in the world that you can never imagine. What are they?

Harmful Microbes are increasing

The recent research proves that the virus and bacteria which have lain dormant for millions of years are now coming into life for the global warming. The temperature is becoming suitable for their reproduction. The melting of permafrost that remained frozen for millions of years is now melting. The ancient viruses remained preserved are coming into life.

You will be at a loss by knowing that some of them used to cause the epidemic in the past! Now, consider the fact. The pathogenic bacteria can lead the entire world into an epidemic.

We are about to drown

For the increase of temperature the iceberg, the ice accumulated on the mountains, and the ice of the pole, etc. are getting melted. If the increase in temperature cannot be prevented, the surface of the earth will be drowned.
The sea level will increase by 216ft if all the ice gets melted. Think, what is about to happen next.

Then what is the solution?

Yes, every problem has its solution. We have to take an immediate action to address the global warming. The hopeful news is that we have the solution to reduce carbon and other greenhouse gases at our hand. Not only you and me, individuals need to be conscious about emission of these gases.

The countless felling of trees should be stopped and you need to increase the forest area with the combined effort. After all, we cannot be so selfish for the future generation whom you are leaving behind as the mark of your footstep!

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