Future Technologies Ancient Civilizations Invented During Their Time

Humans were believed to be dwelling on earth since 2 million years. But the revolution in modern technological advancements or mechanical wonders is as new as couple of centuries ago. In last few decades, technological evolution had been much faster than one could have ever imagined. But as and when we unearth the secrets of our ancient civilizations we come to know that they already knew what we know today. We think we live in the world of modern innovations but are we right? Is it not possible that our forefathers had already been aware of technologies much beyond our reach?

We can only wonder about up to what level the ancient civilizations could have reached in par with us in technology.

Let us take a look on 5 Future Technologies Ancient Civilizations Already Invented During Their Time

Programmable robots of ancient Greek

ancient greek robot

History of robots is not just specific to our age. What if I tell you ancient Greeks also made a programmable robot? Almost 1956 years ago in approximately 60 AD, a Greek engineer named Hero constructed a three wheeled cart that could perform on a stage by itself. The power of this robot came from a falling weight that pulled on string wrapped around the cart’s drive axle.

Antikythera Mechanism

antikythera mechanism

We have always been proud of boasting ourselves as computer-generation people. What if this belief of yours turns out to be a myth? Archaeologists discovered an ancient analogue computer from the shipwreck off the Greek island named Antikythera. Made of several brass gears and housed in a wooden box, this device predicted astronomical positions and eclipses for astrological and calendric purposes. Moreover, it was also used to predict cycles of Olympic Games called Olympiads by ancient Greeks.

2000 year old battery

baghdad battery

A battery is found in Khujut Rabu, Baghdad dated as old as approximately 2000 years. This ancient battery contains a clay jar with a stopper of asphalt, and an iron rod surrounded by copper cylinder. When filled with vinegar or any other electrolytic solution this battery produces 1.1 volts of current. This raise a question that how far does the electricity dates? If those civilizations could develop a battery what else they would have built on? Are we sure whatever we invent is not invented by ancient civilizations? It’s a mystery, isn’t it?

Ancient Indian Airplanes (Vimanas)

ancient indian vimana

Ancient Indians were much more advanced than we can imagine today. There is a mention of flying objects called Vimanas in many of ancient Indian literature such as Mahabharata, Ramayana, Rigveda and Puranas. We will never know whether the ancient Indian’s referred UFOs as Vimanas or were they themselves the masters of such an advanced aircraft technologies. It is still a mystery. Is it possible that aliens were helping them to build those Vimanas?

The most surprising thing is, not only these Vimanas are just a mere thought, there is also an elaborate description of these flying objects is given in some of ancient scriptures too.

Solar system by Sumerians

sumerian solar system

Copernicus is the first man who proposed that our solar system has sun at its center and other planets including earth are revolving around it. This was in 1543 AD. However, approximately 6000 years ago an ancient Sumerian civilization hints to the same fact. In one of the Sumerian seals discovered by archaeologists, there is a symbol of a shining object surrounded by 11 other objects smaller in size than the central one. Are Sumerians telling us that they had already discovered this celestial theory or are they pointing to something else? Without instruments like telescope what led Sumerians to discover this discovery?


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