The traditional and cultural beliefs in India are now resulting in the slaughter of girls, often before they are born! In last 20 years, ten million female foetuses have been aborted. Standing in the 21st century, it is a great shame for humanity that girl children have still been killed after identifying gender when they are in the womb. Except taking the warmth of the mother, she has to come out being killed. What is the crime she has done? Nothing! She has been killed because she is a “girl”!

That’s why now in India determining the sex of a foetus is illegal. But, there are still several clinics across the country surreptitiously agreeing to conduct tests and reveal the sex of the foetus after paying a heavy price!

What is the reason behind killing the girl child in India?

There are a lot of reasons for which the girl children in the womb has been killed rigorously. The main reason is the socio-economical background of India. They believe that a boy child will be the income source of the family, but the parents of a girl have to spend for her. For the marriage or a girl, the parents need to spend so much. After so much of expenditure, they do not stay with the parents; they decorate the house of their in-laws. From this conception, the killing of a girl-child happens in India even today before their birth.

It’s a cold-blooded murder!

Without mercy, a girl child has been killed today by the parents. After determining the gender of the foetus, the parent’s so easily decide the future of the girl foetus, take the support of a “quack doctor” and abort her. Without anxiety, any dilemma, the life-beat stops forever!

Probably, a common man has cannot kill even a cat for the pity on it. But, these cruel parents do not think a little to stop the life they brought among them! It is a degradation of humanity- humanity at its ebb!

Who knows these girls could shine up the names of the parents! They could be the great inventors of the world, great players or the great job holders in the country? Don’t forget the names of Kalpana Chawla, Sania Mirza, Lata Mangeshkar, Marie Curie, and so on. Are they boys? They have established milestones in their respective fields!

Can’t you see how cute and lovey they could be? Can’t you feel the charm of love a girl can give you?

No law can stop this crime except your conscious attempt!

Consider them as a child, not as a girl or boy-child.

“A Girl Child- Not A Burden, A Blessing and Just A Child!”

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