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Most people of the recent days are suffering from different sort of stress. Mental and physical stress is common to all. You know some therapy that cures mental stress and the others recover your physical stress. We will inform you the best lifehack blogs every now and then. Now, let’s look at the process to float in a floatation tank and its health benefits.

Is there any therapy that cures the both?

Yes, you have! The floatation thank therapy cures the both and makes you free from all sorts of stress, anxiety as well as physical strain. The athletes of any kind can also recover their physical and mental relaxation from the Floatation Thank Therapy.

What is Floatation Tank Therapy?

Flotation Tank is also known as the “Sensory Deprivation Chamber”. It is used for ultimate relaxation, removing mental and physical stress, boosting creativity. It makes you go into the deep meditative state, regardless your experience in meditation.
Floating tank is really a simple method. It, generally, contains 6-12 inches of pure water. The temperature of the sterile water will be around the body temperature. This has been checked after each usage. The water dissolves 800 to 1500 pounds of medical grade Epsom salt. The amount of salt will in according to the body weight of the person so that he can float perfectly.
The floatation tank is also called a sensory deprivation chamber as this is entirely light proof and sound proof. Thought the tank is completely dark, you will get plenty of oxygen for fresh breathing.

The process to enter the tank

You need to wear ear plugs which are located in each room. Now, slowly enter the tank, and lie on your back. Make your mind fresh and relaxed. Here, you will feel completely weightless and free. You can play soothing music set previously and end your float.

How the tank is beneficial

Today, people are surrounded by so many physical and mental stresses that cause numerous health issues. If you want to practice, you need at least 60 to 90 minutes in the tank to each session. This minimises the physical and mental stress by soothing your mind and body.
You will remain calm and quiet in the completely dark environment. You need to close your eyes but should not sleep at all.
Note: You have to keep in mind that the water is highly salty and it should not splash into your eyes.
Some people might feel that it is a quite strange therapy, but in short, you will find extreme relaxation within a few minutes.

Effects of floatation

Effect on stress

The increase of cortisol enhances the level of perceived stress. If the cortisol can be corrected, the stress will obviously be reduced. Floatation is a non-invasive technique available to cope with controlling excessive cortisol and reduce mental stress.

Physical stress

When you relax in a soothing mind, it releases endorphins from your body. This hormone is natural medicine for physical stress and pains. this is the reason, most athletes prefer to spend at least one hour in the isolation tank to reduce physical and mental stress.
All the muscles get relaxed, not muscles need to carry out the stress of physical weight. The blood flows through each vein and arteries flawlessly, and the heart also gets relaxed. Entire body and mind get an ultimate relaxation. It is proved in a Swedish research that if you pass only 40 minutes in isolation tank, you will feel a relaxation and stress-free mind for a long vacation.
The floatation therapy brings the harmony of body and mind along with the brain cells extensively and thus creates a complete effect on stress-free body and mind.

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