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Social media has become the monster and spreading misery and mental disease amongst teenagers and adolescents. Best lifestyle channel displays various types of social blogs that says that people are highly influenced by social media and become addicted to certain platforms like Facebook and Instagram where they want to be socially sanctioned by one and all. Digitalised media is the e-commerce platform to sell and purchase products and services, there are other social vehicles that allow each individual to socialise and expand their networking style. When you think about it, it seems that the media has paralysed human brain and the grey matter has ceased to exercise. It has not only provoked some sane beings to become mentally paralysed but also leads you to a narcissistic problem- a personality disorder that affect you in the long run. It is so nauseating to see everyone posing for a self-image in front of any statue or a restaurant just to flaunt their social class and their obsessive nature. Researchers and experts are endeavouring to figure it out the real issue behind this mental disorder, many people says that it is a trend which people are following and nothing else. But let us see what the doctors and the psychologist have to say about this selfie-syndrome.

Psychologists who are specialised in this field say that people who tend to take many selfie in a day suffer from narcissistic disorder. It is a personality disorder that involves activities and thoughts with the self and it becomes a self-obsession to a great extent. People with selfie-maniac wonder how they are being perceived by the world and whether are they are socially and conventionally accepted by the society. Narcissists usually extract pleasure from vanity and appreciation or any sort of admiration of their own physical or intellectual attribute. Best lifestyle channel shows you the signs of selfie-syndrome. Here are some of them. Just take a look!

•Self-centered and usually do not give much botheration to what someone has to say.
•Narcissists listen only to negate, dismiss and ignore people’s advice.
•They react only to their own problems and are selfish in nature.
•They are above others and cannot accept criticisms. Be it on Instagram or Facebook.
•Quick to anger and violently react if their importance is being affected.

There are some of the symptoms which you will find in a person with selfie-addiction. Now let us see the impacts of selfie-syndrome:
•Under confidence and always wants to be socially sanctioned.
•Insecurity creeps in when they see that their posts are not being liked by their social media acquaintances.
•Psychiatric problems
•Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
•Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
•Narcissistic Personality Disorder
•Schizoaffective and Schizotypal Disorders
•Body Dysmorphia

It has been said by many social experts and psychologists that people use Facebook for social mirrors and because they have insecure personalities, they tend to post pictures and updates per day.

So what do you think? Is this a relevant outcome of social media or people are exhibiting their mental nuisance after getting in touch of a gadget? Do analyse and put forth your views!

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