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If you ask any young fellow about the icon of his life, you will get a clear answer Virat Kohli, Deepika Padukone, Sania Mirza, Shahrukh Khan, etc. The surprising matter is that they are the great entertainers. The entire world wants to get the entertainment from their performance. When their performance goes down, everybody hates them and rebukes them for a single fault. They build great fan-followers behind them. If you look at the famous film stars from Bollywood or Tollywood, you will get lots of fan-followers. Most teenagers and youngsters make the film stars and cricketers their icons in life.

If you ask a teenager, “Who is your icon in life?” someone will say, Shahrukh Khan, someone will say, Dev or Jeet, another will say, Virat Kohli or Sania Mirza. The sports stars inspire the people of all age group in such a way that everybody sits in front of the TV when the match is going on. But, did you consider the fact what have they given to the society except for entertainment? Yes, I agree with you that some sports lovers get inspired to be a great sportsman in future.

On the other hand, the film stars are not real heroes. Most teenagers consider that they can really do whatever they are acting in movies. They do not understand the real facts behind shooting a movie. Lots of demos and VFX work behind the critical and dangerous scenes.

What do you bear in mind now? Should the film stars and sports stars bring in your mind’s ideal icons? A good hero on the silver screen may be the worst person in practical life, and a villain on the screen may be a noble person in his practical life. This is true for the sports stars as well. However, this contradiction does not say that all the sports stars or film stars are alike. Obviously, the exception does not establish the truth.

Young minds believe what they see in front of them. But, this is a great illusion to choose the icon in life. Heroes fight for the countries and sacrifice their lives for the safeguard of the country. You can choose them as the idol of life as they had sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Still, you need something extra to be a great man in life. You are a member of your society; so, you are responsible to make it good from the state it is now.

Then, who should be the real icon in life? Obviously follow such great personnel who are noble in attitude, generous in behaviour and virtuous in moral life. These people obviously do something for the betterment of the society and humanity.

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