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If you are really concerned about the social odds and injustices that are prevalent in our society and want to promote social cohesion and development, then you should have proficiency in the areas of social work. In today’s best motivation blog we shall focus on these Indian women who have gained reputation the recent past and remain consistent in their work to make a difference in the societal structure.

Who is Arundhati Roy?

Arundhati Roy

She is described by one of the senior editors of a reputed newspaper as, “she has married passion and facts and breathed life into a social movement that had given up hope.” She became a public figure after her arrival of the novel, ‘God Of Small Things’. She also participated in social and political issues and environmental problems and felt the need to work and coordinate with the people of Indian on the grass root level so that she can fight for human rights. She pursued education in Architecture but always has dreamt of being a writer in the longer run. She believed that writing or eulogising a situation is not worth it until you enter into field of activism. She supported Medha Patkar who went out in her way and protested against the Narmada dam project. They formed a social movement- ‘Narmada Bachao Andolan’- here many tribal people, farmers, activists, celebrities and environmentalists voiced their opinion and protested against the several dams that were planned to build across river Narmada. She has won the Lannan Cultural Freedom Award in 2002, the Sydney Peace Prize in 2004, and the Sahitya Akademi Award for vehemently displaying the social oppressors and the oppressed.

Who is Aruna Roy?

Aruna Roy

Aruna Roy is an IAS officer who felt the need to bring a multidimensional change and eliminate corruptions and injustice to promote social righteousness. She was a teacher by profession and pursed English Literature in Indraprastha College, Delhi. Teaching was not just enough to serve her purpose in the society because as she was always been socially influenced by her father. As she realised with the growing days the need to contribute in the society is essentially vital, she cracked the civil service and became a marked leader of Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS), to promote the well beings and fight for the rights of the farmers and peasants. She is critically acclaimed as one of the finest members of public administration and has won awards of Ramon Magsaysay Award and Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award for excellent skill in public affairs and leadership qualities.

Do we know who Sampat Pal Devi is?

Sampat Pal Devi

Sampat Pal Devi is a social activist who has constantly emphasised on women empowerment and fight against the inequalities of gender roles. She protested against the violence which is vehemently marked in our culture and has taken a stand in the region of Uttar Pradesh for the welfare and development of women. The famous gang ‘Gulabi Gang’ was formed with few women members who supported her cause and joined hands to fight against the social injustice and atrocities that are prevalent in our society. Pal inspired many women from her age group and her region. Gradually she gained recognition and earned respect to remain the consistency in her work, she joined hand with Jai Prakash Shivharey who encouraged her to continue the women’s rights activism.

Do we have to introduce Kiran Bedi?

Kiran Bedi

Nobody is oblivious of the famous social activist and the first women IPS officer in India. She is passionate and devoted to her job role; she has never failed to earn respect from the society, as she contributed whole heartedly to the society to demolish the ill and evil social practices that keeps swelling, over the years. She has the zeal to fight back corruption and obliterate crimes against women. She has won the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1994 and was the first women police advisor of the United Nations in the peace operation sector. Currently she writes blogs and has written several books on corruption and justice. She took resignation as an office in 2007 so that she can emphasise on the issues of sexual harassment and other corruptions in the nation.

Will you accept Sunitha Krishnan?

Sunitha Krishnan

Society does not consider women who are gang raped. Sunitha Krishnan is a rape survivor, people find it easy when she is being termed as a rape victim. She was gang raped by eight men at the age of 15; Krishnan had to go through a turmoil situation but never failed to get back her strength. Her NGO, ‘Prajwala’ consisted of sex workers, sex trafficked victims and children who have been sexually exploited.

We have only discussed about 5 Indian women who have inspired the youth and created a new wave to bring a change in the society. There are many women mentioned in other best motivation blog who have eradicated corruption and inspired people on different forefronts.

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