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Dieting is the fashion of the newer generation. Yes, all the health experts utter the same word that overweight is the cause of so many diseases. But, young generation runs behind the notion of keeping them thin and slim. For this reason, they are taking less meal by the name of dieting. If you take proper food keeping the nutrition value in mind, you are dieting. It will work in the long run and not instantly. But, most of the young generation goes on illogical extreme dieting. The extreme dieting starts with taking meagre meal or fasting. Let’s learn the fearful threats of extreme dieting through this lifehack blog.

Extreme dieting- mental effect

Extreme dieting helps to move the needle of the weight scale, but they will make you sluggish, nauseated, moody, and achy. As always you will feel hungry, you will not feel the stamina to do any work where concentration is pivotal. When the problem of metabolism starts, you will feel exhausted and lack of energy. Different organs will start working awkwardly. If you boycott carbs, deprive your body of calories it needs, and drink less than you need, you will surely breakdown the physical health, and the mental health will also be affected for the same. Let’s see other impacts on the body.

Makes you dehydrated

The true fact of immediate success on losing weight is nothing but an “illusion”. Louis J. Aronne, an internal medicine, and obesity specialist at New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell utters that when you get immediate success, it is not by burning fat, it is for dehydration of body cells. A human body is built with 50 to 60 per cent of water. Lack of consumption of water makes you dehydrated and you feel thinner.

He also says when you go on dieting, and stop taking calories or carbohydrates of both, the body burns fat from liver and muscles stored as glycogen and not by burning fat. Glycogen is attached to every gram of water. So, your body loses water percentage. The symptoms include fatigue, headache, and dizziness.

Your blood sugar runs amok

You need to get a steady supply of carbohydrates, protein, and fat along with fibre all through the day, which keep the blood sugar level and insulin level moderate and steady. When you are under dieting, and taking different kinds of juice causes the blood sugar level high and falls suddenly, which causes insulin resistance.
As your food taking pattern is yo-yoing, your body loses some weight but gains when food goes into your body. In the meantime, you are becoming insulin resistant and goes under Type-2 diabetes.

Your Muscles Break Down

When you are under a proper diet, you will lose weight 1 percent of your body weight per week from where 75 per cent of pounds from body fat and 25 per cent from a combination of water and muscles. But, an aggressive approach your body breaks down, hampers its normal activities and breaks down the muscle proteins. The faster you approach of losing weigh breaks down the muscles 3 times more than the normal approach.

So, if you lose weight, the physical build will not show better with a lethargic approach to everywhere.

Metabolism slows down

If you take fewer calories, the rate of metabolism will be slower. Therefore, when you workout, perform physical exercise or any strenuous work for burning calories, the internal process will be lower.

Meanwhile, your brain gets the response that your body has scanty of calories, and so it informs organs to burn fewer calories for the time and store for emergency or future use.

I hope, after going through this helpful study, you must think twice about going under excessive dieting.

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