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Change is an inevitable factor that cannot be avoided at any circumstances. As long as the clock is ticking, the world will be changing and so will life and the circumstances for each and every person involved. It is not possible to halt change at any cost; rather it is needed to develop a mind-set that can encounter and deal with the changes that is approaching. To plan and strategize while dealing with a change is the best possible way to overcome the backlash that it leaves upon oneself, fear is not an option in a world and era where everything from technologies, to lifestyles, to even the celebrities that we worship are changing constantly.

Best motivation blog have evidence that Shah Rukh khan dominated the Bollywood box office mojos. A movie released having him in the cast was destined to be a guaranteed blockbuster, regardless of the content that the movie provided. Sluggish monotonous, lack of solid storylines, lack of realism, nothing mattered if he was on the movie cast, however, nowadays, even his presence cannot guarantee any success for the movie and most of his recent movies such as Ra-One, Fan, Jab Harry Met Sejal, Dilwale, were a box office disaster. One of the main reasons for it can be the inability to cope with the change in the Bollywood movie industry that has recently emerged. Perhaps, the audience wants something new from him; for instance movies with more realism, good storylines, better dancing skills and many more. He failed to realise it or is unable to overcome his fear of change and is having a resistant reflex, as a result not only is he failing but fading away from his stardom that he has worked so hard to build over the years.

Change can be encountered anywhere in life, from changes in business trends, to changes in lifestyles, eating, culture, reading habits. Here are some ways a person can overcome fear and handle the incoming change well enough:

Aligning with the unavoidability:

Many people fear change, as it is can be very intimidating, worrying, and unpredictable. It is like a dark cloud approaching towards someone without any notification and no one knows the extent of damage it can do to someone if left unguarded and neither does anyone know how long it will take to subtle down. However, it is very important to overcome the fear that is budding deep inside to encounter the approaching change, before all the strategies and planning what is required is to grow the courage to face it and ensure that it does not leave anyone with large dents and accept it, unfreeze and transform oneself to align with the change, as a result becoming the change itself.

Best motivation blog provides with few tips on how to accept life as it comes and embrace the possibilities of changing your life in a new way.

Positive Thinking:

Changes are very common and it will happen but instead of thinking negatively or worrying about the negative aspects changes might bring to life, why not think of the positive aspects that it might put on the table. Floppy discs were once a commonly used source of gadget that was used to store important computer files, however, it did not offer enough space to store larger files and hence cds and dvds and nowadays USB pen drives are introduced, as it offers enough space to be stored in a bulk. The floppy disc users accepted it and changed their systems to utilise pen drives and dvds instead and life has turned even better for technology users.

Asking expert Advice:

It is clever to align oneself with someone who has already been through the stages of change, be it business wise or personally. Before planning and strategizing to take on the change it is important to take some advice or help from someone who has been through that phase of change that can be co- related, that can enlighten oneself even better and make the vision clearer than before thus dealing with the change even better.

Calling for support:

It is also clever to have someone beside, who can be trusted completely and can provide all kinds of support, from mental to financial, that is needed to face and overcome the changes. Being stubborn and not asking for help or support is not a smart strategy to be implemented.

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