Up to now we believed Wi-fi has brought revolution in digital communications. Yes it is definitely true. But the capacity of Wi-Fi is full now. South Korea is the country which is giving its citizens highest Wi-Fi speed that is 100 Megabytes per second. A new technology is coming among us to take place of Wi-Fi. Maybe Wi-Fi will become obsolete. That technology is called Li-Fi.

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To start with let us understand what is Li-Fi.

What is Li-Fi

Harald Haas, a German professor of mobile communication coined the term Li-Fi.

The full form of Li-Fi is Light fidelity just as Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity.

Wi-Fi utilises radio waves to transmit data. Similarly Li-Fi uses light, ultraviolet and infrared for data transmission.

In simple terms, you will not need router for internet connection. Simply switch on the lamp in your room and ta-da your internet connection is on.

The fluctuations in light invisible to human eyes will be recorded by receiver. This receivers will convert that fluctuations into a high speed data stream.

10 Amazing Things About Li-Fi You Would Like To Know

1) Li-Fi has advantage of being useful in electromagnetic sensitive areas such as aircraft cabins, hospitals, gas stations and nuclear power plants without causing any interference.

So once Li-Fi is installed in plane, air hostess will not ask you to switch off your mobile. Imagine how good is that!

2) Wi-Fi has reached its full capacity as warned by US Federal Communications commission. Whereas Li-Fi has unlimited capacity.

3) The spectrum to send data through light is 10000 times larger than entire radio frequency spectrum. This mean your data will be transmitted much faster with Li-Fi

4) Researchers have recorded 224 Gigabytes per second as highest Li-Fi speed. So in simple terms you can download 150 movies of size 1.5 GB each in 1 second.

5) Li-Fi will be ten to twenty times cheaper and affordable than Wi-Fi.

6) Wi-Fi could not be used under water. So vehicles under water has to be dependant on cables to communicate. Light waves can travel easily within water. So Li-Fi can easily carry out communication between sender from water and receiver on earth without any cables.

7) Sometimes you complaint about your neighbors using your Wi-Fi that decreases your speed. Well with Wi-Fi every room of your house will act as source of internet. So if something happens and internet is not working in one room, dont worry, go to the other room to use internet.

8) Li-Fi market is projected to be more than $7 billion dollars in 2018-2019.

9) There are certain limitations for Li-Fi to available commercially such as short range because light cannot penetrate through walls. Whole new insfrastructure will be required to install Li-Fi. Sunlight interference.

10) Internet of Things (IoT) will be gained hugely using Li-Fi. It will make communications between normal objects more efficient and fast.

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Drawbacks of Li-Fi

Every new technology innovation comes along with some bottlenecks. Li-Fi also has some of them

  • Short Range – Li-Fi cannot penetrate through walls just as Wi-Fi. So the range of Li-Fi will be shortened automatically
  • Infrastructure – Whole new infrastructure will be required to be installed everywhere, even in mobile phones which is the biggest challenge
  • Can’t Switch Off – If you want to use Li-Fi then you have to keep your lights on. But then again if you don’t want.

We can surely overcome these hurdles in future and come up with whole new world of communication among us.

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