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When the aadhar system was introduced in India on a grand scale in 2017, it not only sprung up a new ray of hope among the people of the nation for a well-regulated and transparent system of banking but also effective governance – the two cornerstones of digital India. A year later, this perception has changed altogether.

Despite the continued encouragement of the government of India to link aadhar details with the pan card and bank accounts of the individuals, the latter is concerned about how the move might impact their lives. At the heart of the matter, lies the new rule that providing one’s aadhar number or linking it with the other documents is a must for getting a majority of vital services without an interruption. Regardless of the nature of service, it has been mandated for all.

The Constitution of India not only grants but also guarantees freedom to the citizens of the nation on various parameters: choosing a religion and practising it, getting the free and compulsory education, the freedom to move or reside anywhere in India, the freedom to express one’s opinion and so on.

However, the current move of the government holds them a hostage to its discretionary powers. In a country, wherein the foundation of democracy is based on providing absolute freedom to all the citizens, the move is seen as a roadblock in the path of the realization of their individual rights.

While there is nothing wrong with the idea of issuing aadhar cards to the individuals, breach of the privacy of individuals due to the linking of its data with other services defeats the purpose of individualism which lies at the heart of the written constitution of our country.

Besides, there are also some serious downsides of using it. For instance, no foolproof security is in place to make the aadhar details secure. Expert hackers are always on the look for new ways to get into the main server of the UIDAI for stealing the data. When you consider that it is linked to the bank accounts as well as other essential services, even the thought of it being stolen is good enough to send a chill down the spine.

Also, despite the claims by the current government that all issues and grievances related to the data of the document are taken care of, the truth is diagonally opposed to it. Either the applicants have to bear with the slow response in addressing the grievances or remain content without a proper solution to their issues – both due to the inefficiency of the government at the centre in rendering its services in the right way. It is high time the citizens of this country woke up and came together to raise their voice against this unjust move.

In line with the thought, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”, something needs to be done to bring the things back on track. Unless we are able to strike the right balance between the power of the government and the power of the common people with their rights, our future would be murky. If things are not controlled in time, we could be losing the benefits of living in the world’s largest democracy sooner or later. What do you think?

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