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If you are looking for something to boost your mood then you can munch some savouries. Best Lifestyle channel claims that food can affect your mood to a large extent. There’s a lot snacks and the munchies can do when you are in a terrible mood. Food can spice up your life, as well as mood. Come, lets jump on to these munchies and see how it enhances your mood so that you can cherish each moment.



Majority of the population crave for chocolate and there is a reason why people go gaga over it. If you consume a cube of chocolate, the brain releases endorphins that increase serotonin levels, it is a natural substance stored in human body, when released it creates a sense of excitement. So, just take a deep breath and have a cube of chocolate to relive stress and anxiety. Many researches have shown that dark chocolate is an anti-oxidant that has minerals, fibre, iron, manganese, copper, potassium, zinc and phosphorus. It improves low blood pressure, helps in blood flow and reduces the risk of cardiac failure. It balances your brain function that helps to reduce your aggression and anxiety.

Chicken & Turkey

Chicken and Turkey

You can always keep these in your refrigerator, so that you can stir and fry. Chicken and turkey can also be taken in sauté or grill form, as it has the potential to increase your amino acid. Serotonin at times is produced with the help of it; on the other hand we all know the hormone as the happy hormone and a vital neurotransmitter that helps to boost your mood. These foods have tyrosine- another amino acid that can eradicate the stress and anxiety. People who are going through depression are always recommended to have chicken and turkey breast stored in the refrigerator.



Lentils can always swipe away your depression and anxiety because the amount of folate is high that can boost your mood. If the folate level is low in your physiological process then the happy hormone is surely going to diminish, so if you have these lentils you will be relieved from apprehension and depression. It is much like bananas, rich in carbohydrate and helps for brain productivity and gives a feel good factor because of the vital neurotransmitter. This is not only enhances your mood but also make you calm and composed. Lentils help to control your blood sugar, meanwhile studies suggest that people who have low folate levels are like to have mania, depression and and are prone to anaemic.

Oats Omlette

Oats Omelette

Oats are healthy and can be a great snack to munch on and on when you watching a movie or in a much needed break. Best Lifestyle channel suggests that oats are efficient in helping to enhance your mood as they are low in glycaemic index (GI) that helps to reduce your irritation and you can come out of your frustration easily. It releases energy into the blood stream that controls your blood sugar level on a normal note. Perhaps you can try out oats with milk or porridge but this omelette is a tasty munching food that not only entices your taste bud but also help to stabilise your mood.



Whenever you are sad and stuck in work pressure, then have omelette or a half boiled egg. Eggs are vital source of protein and nutrient choline. It has number of efficacies that increases your energy level and above all eggs are always available in the market and in your refrigerator.

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