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Espionage, also known as spying, is the act of getting confidential or secret information about an individual or a group of people without the knowledge of the same. For years, it has been used as an instrument to uncover secret information by several agencies related to the governments and commercial entities of various nations.

Though used in the past in various fields, it still continues to be an effective means to collect information secretively. In India, the world’s largest democracy, spying cases have never escaped the public attention without raising a political storm. A list of some such cases of spying is discussed in the subsequent sections.

Tehelka Operation

Known as one of the most high-profile sting operations in the political history of democratic India, Tahelka Operation shook the faith of the nation in the then political establishment of the period. The sting operation, which shocked Indians to the core, was carried out in 2001 by Tahelka magazine with the intention to expose the presence of corruption in the Defence Ministry of India. It showed how some officials, who were shouldering the responsibility of India’s defence, were engaged in accepting bribes in lieu of trading the defence secrets of India. The operation not only created a massive political uproar but also caused Mr George Fernandes, the Defence Minister of India at that time, to retire from his post.

CobraPost Sting Operation

CobraPost, an online magazine, carried out a secret operation to uncover the role of three major banks in India – Axis, HDFC and ICICI – in circulating a large amount of black money and money laundering in the banking system of the country with the assistance of top politicians. The officials connected to these big banks were caught red-handed converting black money into legal money.

The exposé of Sandeep Kumar

In 2016, Sandeep Kumar, who was in charge of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, was found in a compromising position, by virtue of a CD, with a woman. The objectionable CD showed Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in poor light and showed how corrupt politicians with a criminal mindset have not only managed to sneak into the political system of India but have also cemented their place in the political institutions of the nation.

These sting operations are just like the trailer for a movie. There are countless such cases of spying on Indian political, religious and other dispensations which have been an eye-opener from time to time.

Apart from showing how vulnerable our democratic system is to corruption and other evils, such expose put a question mark on the intentions and morality of the current set of political leaders who claim to be the representatives of the citizens of India. It brings to light the hypocrisy of politicians in India. Do you agree?

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