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Regardless the age, everybody has a goal in life and he wants to reach there. This brings him success and happiness. But, how many of us can reach the goal? The dream always may not come true but you can be successful in life. The way of life that gives you social respect, maintains your passion, purposeful livelihood can be considered as your success in life. Though, you have to prepare your mind to enjoy the present moment that gives your skilful work and destiny!

Identify your passion

Before you run after your success, you have to make out what your passion is. What are your passionate works by doing which you feel ecstasy? Probably, doing your passionate work and earning through it gives you unmatched joy in mind. Always all passion is not better for your livelihood. Then you have to choose the second option that may bring you joy and success in life. Therefore, identifying your passion, your individual interest and its value in practical life may set your life to a sense of meaning. A meaningful life is called a successful life. It brings you internal happiness.

Make a list of the goals

Make a list of your goals form the first preference to the tenth or more. Identify the entire short term and long term achievable goals. The goals might be financial and career goals, relationship goals, personal goal to make you better, things you want to experience, and things you would like to learn, etc. You have to DRAW UP a timeline for each goal as there is a particular time span for enjoying each achievement. You have to keep in mind that right enjoyment at the wrong time is meaningless.

You have to make a list of the smart goals that are relevant, specific, achievable, and measurable and time-bound.
Split the big goals. If you have the intention to visit the world, you can visit best locations of foreign countries. If you get time, visit the next country you planned.

Live purposefully

In order to achieve your dreams, you have to identify where you have to be and from where you should start your life. If you suppose want to be a wildlife photographer, you have to collect tools for doing so and practice operating the cameras and all from the very beginning.
If you feel you are bored, find out the way you can enjoy yourself modestly. If you feel bored and exhausted to your dream, you may distract from it in frustration. Then, you have to keep patience, pass time with your friends, make new friends and enjoy with them. Revitalise your dream! Cherish your time.
Measure your productivity by your skill development, not by achievement. Everything that you are doing may not be all productive, but be satisfied feeling that you have learned much from your mistakes. This works!

Enjoy your lazy time

Apart from hard-core target oriented run after success should be postponed for some time. You need to pass some lazy and peaceful time doing nothing except relaxing. This brings creativity and imagination power, self- awareness and de-stress your mind.
Allow yourself to feel what you really are! Just keep a balance between what you want to be, and what your personal “self” desires.

Stick to your commitment

Planning is not enough to win success. You have to keep a stern pledge to perform according to your plan. If you slip from the commitment to life goal, you will slip from the success.

Utilise your time. Keep in mind that every second is valuable.

Finally, you have to prepare yourself to achieve the goal. If you are determined to achieve the goal, you will reach there. Sometimes, you may reach upper than your expectation, and sometimes, near your goal. Enjoy the situation. It is called success!

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