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It’s a curse if you are born with natural curls but trust me the beauty of curly hair often gets unnoticed because of the conventional trend of straightened hair. If you go through best lifestyle channel, you will see that many keep complaining about their hairdo and unnecessary knots. However, if you have some patience then maintain it for some months will certainly keep the frizz away. Believe me miracles won’t occur within a fortnight as the curly gene is much stronger and has come from our past generations. Generations have witnessed and struggled of having thick and curly hair detangling it will be much easy with these few tips. Perhaps, you will be never able to have a stylish hairdo like your friend who has got straight hair but you can always switch for an alternative. So let us quickly go through the techniques of maintaining curly frizzy hair.

•Say no to split ends- Split ends can be dangerous for your curls and destroys the shape of your hair. Whenever you see your hair has become thin at the bottom then you should go for a haircut.

•Avoid using brush- Brush does not make your hair smooth rather it makes it frizzier. Instead of using a brush, substitute it with a wide-tooth comb that helps to detangle your rough and unmanageable hair.

•Use fingers to comb your hair- Often it is seen that you cannot comb and detangle your knotted hair with a wide-tooth. So in order to avoid hair breakage and hair fall use serum or mousse and sprinkle some water, after mixing the water and serums use your fingers to comb your hair and twirl it and leave it untied.

•Apply conditioner regularly- Shampoo is not an option for dry and frizzy hair, if you want to get back your prominent curls then shampoo your hair twice a week and if possible condition your hair daily.

•Wear a shower cap & condition your hair- Curly hair often loses lustre so serum and mousse is not enough to moisture your hair. Apply deep conditioner with fewer chemicals and wear the cap. When you are done with body polishing, rinse it off. The moisture will seep inside your scalp while you are taking the shower.
•Sleep with Satin- Satin will help to reduce to the fizziness and the roughness. You will have feel good factor whenever you sleep on a satin pillow cover and also it will add lustre to your hair.

•Styling Products- You got to have a cream, mousse and an extremely good serum to stand apart from the rest. Maintaining curly hair is tough and retaining it is much difficult because it takes a long time and requires hard labour to make it beautiful and smooth. You have to be specific and should be loyal to your products. Do not skip and change products over a fortnight.

•Keep it wet- Do not dry your hair with towel as it will only soak the extra moisture from your scalp and hair. So let the moisture seep in your head and the next time when you come after a shower dry it with a shirt or a normal long top.

•Oil Massage- It is quite simple and convenient. Take some olive oil and warm it for 2-3minutes, allow the oil to come down to room temperature and then gently massage it on your scalp. Leave it for 1 hour and rinse it off with shampoo and conditioner.

•Beer & Apple Cider Vinegar- If you want to prevent your curls from fizziness then apply some vinegar along with water in equal amount then rinse it off with cool water. Citric acid will keep the coarseness away and add moisture to the texture of your hair. Beer will add the shine and moisture, also it will smoothen your hair and acts as a revitaliser. Before you apply, read the steps on web and follow this remedy once every two weeks.

If you scroll through the best lifestyle channel then frequently you will see how people crave for curly hair and see them as blessed people. It is quite a strenuous job to maintain curly hair but do not curse yourself or your past generations for it because the grass is always greener on the other side. Accept what you have got and flaunt your originality!

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