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Most of us try to make things happen, don’t we? When you determine to achieve the love from somebody by hook or by crook, the result may not be suitable.

This is a tiny rule of life, “Don’t make it happen, let it happen”. If you can follow the trick, you may forget lots of pains in mind. How? Let’s describe.

You should not try to make things happen. You should let things happen. By the power of force, you cannot achieve anything you are looking for. Without force, what you are looking for may naturally follow you.

I don’t mean, you should stop attempting, struggling and pursuing. My intention is to stop forcing to achieve something in personal life. Don’t force anything. Let all things unfold but do not grasp it. If you deserve it, you will get it. Let’s clear.

If you force somebody to love you back, your intention may not be fulfilled. You may try to talk sweetly, persuade, threaten, intimidate, or blackmail. The ultimate result will be drastically opposite. If you do not get promoted in the office, you may threaten your boss, and press him to promote. But, unfortunately enough, you will gradually be behind where you were. If someone does not respect you, they may. But, your threatening and insult may make the result worst. Maybe, you have got your way in the end but won’t satisfy you. Let’s explain the real fact.

When you use force, you are committing some kinds of crime and so you will be guilty to the people by intimidating. You also will not forgive someone when they do such things to you. Then, think twice what you are getting from them by your force and following an unfair way? You lose your respect from them after all. If you still want to win the minds of others, love them and convince them so that they tend towards you according to your will. Your anger will increase day by day because what you wanted is not at your hand.

The action is corrupted. The result can never be intended. What reward will you get? You may lose your position from their mind and permanently thrown aside. If you force, it proves that you are not really worthy of them and a sense of unworthiness, inadequacy, and smallness will affect you.

Where there is a force, there is no love in it. Force can create tension to you as well as the enforced person. If the other people do not have any guilt in it, you only will remain in tension and fear. The happiness remains out of your mind. You will remain unfulfilled from your longings.

When you are letting things happen, both ends will get a certain freedom. Your spontaneous good behaviour may meaningfully change their heart. You may get what you want. Freedom precedes love!

Therefore, let all things unfold, and get what you deserve. The love and respect you will get will never be achieved from anywhere. True love and fortune come when you wait for them without forcing to achieve.

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