What we sow is what we reap!

We all believe in energy and it is omnipresent because no matter, who you are or what you do to thrive for there are certain things which can be left unsaid and unexplained. We need to have faith on humanity and trust on the fact that we all are NATURE and with the passage of time, we have alienated us from nature and have become adulterated. NOW! What do we do to align ourselves with the nature and connect to the mystic law of nature? The best productivity blog always suggest you to harness your energy by unveiling your outer layer and find your real self. People have the habit of dwelling on the past and carrying their burden of emotions along with them, as they proceed in life. The early chapters of life collide with the present chapters and ultimately you end up creating a mess. In the mystic law, it has been said that whatever is present in nature embodies the law of cause and effect theory. It has been believed that we all are spiritual beings experiencing human lives, so all the elevated souls are realised and recognised beings because they have been evolved not merely as human beings but also as spiritual beings. The most powerful tool of human race that keeps you going is memory and desire and science considers mind as the potential tool which dominates and helps you in every step of life.

While we were in school, we all have come across the proverb, ‘what we sow is what we reap’, this is essentially vital to grasp the concept of cause and effect theory. If you push something, then what do you feel? You automatically feel a force of energy reverting back to you, as long as it is accelerating. It is just as simple as that. No paradox! Of course there is a momentum but that quantity of magnitude and direction is preserved; it does not begin so, ‘for every force, there is an equal and opposite equation’. We are nothing but an amalgamation of our past and current experiences and have become prisoner of the cause and effect theory, because it becomes a conditioned reflex and creates predictable pattern in our day to day activities. The goal of the Mystic Law or Lotus Sutra is to chant a mantra i.e. ‘Nam, Myoho Renge Kyo’ and break the shackles of chain to emerge as an enlightened being. The best productivity blogs have mentioned about the returning force of nature. When we think positive about a person or something good, our electromagnetic waves produce a certain pattern of wave that will create a good resonance and vibration. So by chanting the lotus sutra or cultivating through this practice we fuse with the law and negate all the negative tendencies which affect our life. Humans have to unlearn to learn which means we have to eradicate and combat against greed, anger, lust and ignorance and attain the supreme knowledge. We create our own present and future events by the steps we make each moment. It is difficult to fathom the depth of the cosmos and how does it work, the only thing we have to do is to understand that the mystic law of nature empowers us, as our every action can serve as a cause which will be echoed and help you in strengthening the effect. So chant with an awareness to revel your true identity and merge with the cosmos!

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