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The transport research branch under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has revealed that the people died in road accidents this year are remarkably more than that of the previous years. The data has further revealed that the states of Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh have accounted for the maximum number of deaths last year.

The data revealed that the country has faced at least 4, 80,652 accidents in 2016 leading to 1, 50, 785 deaths. The number is quite threatening to us because at least 413 people died every day. The statistics again prove that 55 accidents happen in every hour with the death toll of 17 people. In comparison to the death tolls of 2016, it is a bit higher than the year, 2015. 1, 46,133 people had died in 5, 01,423 accidents in 2015. Percentage of death tolls in these accidents recorded in 2015 is 29.1 and in 2016, it is 31.4.

When so many street-accidents are taking place each year, why is the government not alert in controlling the accidents? There are so many reasons for street accidents. Some reasons are mentioned here-

Reckless Driving

Most car riders in the street forget that they are not the only drivers who are on the street. Lots of cars are moving one by one to the same direction, and crossing from the opposite direction. The reckless drivers are always aggressive to move forward caring less about the traffic rules and accident happens to the car.

Drunk Driving

If you drive with care, probably accidents will not occur for your fault. But, when you are drunk, you cannot control yourself! Then, how is it possible to control your car? Therefore, if you love yourself, your family members and loved ones, you need to be careful to your driving.

Rain And Fog

Rain and fog are common to the Indian streets. When it is rain, the streets become slippery and when it is foggy, the front view shrinks remarkably. If the speed is not under control, it is obvious to happen to an accident.

Deadly Curves

The deadly curves are the most remarkable reasons for road accidents. The speed should always be reduced while facing a deadly curve. If the previous speed is high and you forget to reduce the speed on time, it is sure to face a dreadful accident.

If you control yourself and drive by following proper traffic rules, you can save at least 70% of the street accidents. If you really face an accident, you should give a call to 1033 (toll-free) number to get help.

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