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There is a well-known conflict in the minds of men and women about a daughter and a daughter-in-law. Your daughter is the extract of your flesh and blood but a daughter-in-law is not. This is the reason when a girl becomes daughter-in-law in Indian culture; they are not treated with similar respect and affection. But, most times, members of the family having daughter-in-law forget that this girl is also a pampered girl of other parents. She is not a mere being of another planet! She has also the feelings of sadness, happiness, sorrows and she has the physical exhaustion!

If you go deep into the relationship diagram, you will get daughter as you choose to have a child, while the daughter-in-law has been found when the son of a family marries a daughter of other parents. Basically, this daughter is connected to the family by the law of marriage. In the old days, women were treated as the family servants and they are bound to do whatever the mother and father-in-law orders. They even have to serve for the sister-in-law (daughter of the family) keeping no option of showing displeasure and physical exhaustion.

When you are a daughter-in-law of a family, you also have to serve the other members of the family including your husband. Where is the “love-relationship”, the search of which you appeared to this family? You were welcomed to this family with the so many decorations and rituals. You were called the “Lakshmi” (the goddess of wealth). But, in reality, you will be treated as one of the mean workers of the family. You have no freedom of taking a step forward. Every step is measured by the members of the father-in-law.

In comparison to the daughter of the family, the daughter-in-law will be treated with severe humiliation. The daughter of a family gets all facilities, motherly love, affection, freedom, priority of taking preferable food and spending whatever she wants. She has the freedom to wear any kind of dress cracking the heart of the young generation! This freedom is snatched from the daughter in law. Sadly enough, a girl who has left the lap of her mother does not get a mere love at the house of her father-in-law.

The tears fall down from the eyes when all these discriminations are seen in open eyes. Every parent forgets one day their dear daughter will go to the house of father-in-law. If she is mistreated, how will they feel then? Obviously, their heart will sting with intolerable pain! This is why; this is the time to change the mentality. A girl, a daughter is the deity of love, affection and wealth. A bit of smile on their lips is worthless. When a daughter smiles, you (parents) smile; but your daughter-in-law can bring the smile of the entire family. Then why they are treated such?

The hopeful matter is that the scenario has been changed today. I do not want to say that this scenario is totally absent in the present times. The urban civilisation has changed a lot and the discrimination has been changed many times. In the rural areas where the light of education does not enlighten the surface, face a little of this misjudgement. Only awareness can enlighten all the darkness of civilisation where every daughter and daughter-in-law will be treated in the same way.

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