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A study says that the two-thirds of American adults now use a smartphone. The record revealed in 2014. The study of the present day will be a huge difference. Almost every hand owns a smartphone. The popularity of the smartphone is really surprising. A little device can stay connected with your work and social networks and becomes one of the great entertaining devices. This has become a mi0ni computer today.

Along with being smart in communication with smartphones, people are embracing a great danger.

Smartphone becomes an addicion

Men, women, job holders, and college students enjoy their time with a smartphone by using as communicating media, as the entertaining media, playing games, watching videos, surfing the internet, sending messages, and so on.
A study says, college girls spend more than 10 hours by using their smartphones. This is quite more than the time they spent with their friends.
Another survey declares that out of five users of smartphones cannot go more than 60 minutes without checking their phones.
Therefore, people are more concerned about their smartphones and not to their personal and social life.
Experiments say that the brains hit the happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin when the ring of the phone goes to one’s ear! You will find the presence of these hormones highly in the brains of the drug addicted people.

Back Problems

According to 2015 statistics, more than 45% of young people aged between16-24 suffer from a huge back pain for bending over the so many hours on the phones. On the other hand, they feel neck and adjacent muscle pains for working with the smartphone by bending many hours on phones.

Are you constantly hunched over your phone, engrossed in your Facebook feed? You could be putting your back under pressure if you are!

The British Chiropractic Association says that the number of young people with back problems has risen dramatically over the last number of years, thanks to smartphone use. More than 20 per cent people suffer from the pain regularly.

According to Surgical Technology International, bending over phone gives a pressure of 50 pounds of weight on spine and disk and a great stain on the neck.
It’s the similar weight to a child of seven years.

Damage to nerves

Smartphones don’t just affect your health. It creates occipital neuralgia which is the neurological condition where the nerves that run from the top of the spinal cord. You can feel the similar pain to the headache of a migraine.

Anxiety and Depression

Spending so many hours on your smartphone leads you to depression and anxiety. The reason is not always clear. And, the anxiety of giving and getting more time to update status is also perceived. A person feels depressed if they do not get the proper social response from his status updates and all.
The mobile game is also not at all the “joy-maker”, they are the worst element of passing time, and not reaching the target, the

Sleeping problem

The bedtime smartphone users suffer from a severe sleeping problem. This stresses your eyes prevents to sleep. The bluish light of the smartphone damages the retina of your eyes and damages it.

The issues of radiation

The researchers say that the smartphone users are prone to a brain and body tumour and cancer many times than the non-users of them. If you use your phone placing it direct to the ear, the possibility of brain cancer increases a lot.
When it is kept unused on the bed, it also radiates and can cause cancer to any parts of the body.

The worst Source of Bacteria

A research from the University of Arizona proves that the average phones have the notorious bacteria and germs around ten times higher than they are found in the toilet seat.

Apart from all these, the smartphone effectively affects the eyesight and creates so many other issues in your body and mind. Sometimes, by the trap of some notorious games, youngsters are committing suicide. Learn more from the best lifehack blogs from our pages.

I do not want to say that you have to stop using the phone in the modern age as this is the superior invention of the present time to get communicated to the world. I only want to say, use it but with a great consciousness about its damaging effects on your physical and mental health.

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