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Cricket in India is the most popular game and billions of fans worldwide look forward to watching the trick of the cricket team of India and similar other teams. The passion, the thrill, and the craze bring the spectators a great excitement. From the alleys of the small town to the large stadium, everywhere you will see the cricket craze in India. Actually, cricket is life for Indians from the ages.

“Cricket is my religion and Sachin our God”- Vidyadhar Durgekar.

Cricket is not the national game of India but it is the game which all Indians follow from the heart inside. Most people like to watch cricket without missing a single match. They watch it from the dressing room discussion to the end of the match. When India plays, people forget their cast, creed or religion- they think- one India, one idea, one through and one ambition- to win.

Yes, in the Indian cricket team, the players may be of many religions, casts, and creeds, and they are bound in the same strand of Indian cricket team. On the other hand, the supporters of the team do not limit to entire India, they remain all over the word irrespectively to the cast and creed.

Leaving the practical religious value, cricket has become a religion in India. It gives entire India a scope to celebrate, a scope to get united. When team idea is playing, all the fans of all religious communities pray for winning the match. When it comes to Indian cricket, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, etc. remain aside except one religion, we are Indians.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is considered to be the best batsman in the world, and he is our pride. He is a God-like figure in the world of cricket. For loving Sachin and his playing trick, not a single fan considers their religion. A team wins when the internal bondage is tight, and support for it is unmatched.

When the great game cricket has bound all Indians with a single strand, some negotiable events are still found in India. When India is, supposed, playing with England, everybody supports India. But, when it comes to India and Pakistan, a few supporters divide- it becomes a world war- and the communalism divides India to make it internally weak.

Cricket is obviously a game and when it comes to religious titillation to the Indian team, they become ferocious to win it.

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