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Do you ever feel sink under the bed of depression and blame yourself for never getting what you want? Best lifestyle channel suggests that depression is a never ending loop that keeps going and never fails to cease. When people are bogged down, it is finitely not their fault but usually it is observed that people blame themselves and perhaps become the worst self-critic. Self-criticism helps to some extent, to rectify your flaws so that you can work upon on it and replace with a new habit or trait. There are various types of personality and have disorders due to shocks and childhood traumas that reflect the aftermath in their adolescent life. ‘I am not good enough’ is the one thing that crops up in mind and goes in cycle; hence it can be a self-destructive pattern of mind-set that can affect in the long run. Life will throw at you innumerable hurdles which will make you feel that you are living up to expectations. Self-criticism will only ruin your way of life and the positivity around you. Just imagine a world, where there is appreciation and each individual gets to focus on growth and evolvement. Is a utopic world or possible in reality? In order to see the vision we need to have clarity of mind and compassion. Empathy, sympathy, sensitivity, tolerance, consideration and love and also generosity are required for our own self-introspection and improvement.

Let’s quickly go through some of the factors or tendencies of depression patients

•Blaming is a powerful tendency marked amongst patients of depression. Sometimes they blame themselves and who are weak from inside tend to blame others.
•Self-criticism is another dreadful aspect of depressed minds. They never appreciate and see the positive sides of a personality.
•Believe they are hated by others and start to generate a strong disliking towards themselves.
•Remember the mistakes they have made & never able to forgive themselves and others.
•Low self-esteem & low self-worth.
•Severe exhaustion & loss of interests in pleasing activities.
•Disapproval & judgemental will only bog you down

These feelings will only keep you stuck and will not help in growth and enrichment. Perhaps, these are the possible only to fuel or trigger the cause of depression and anxiety. Best lifestyle channel suggests that if people who are filled with compassion and empathy have the potential to go beyond their limit and help others. Think of your immediate friend who gives you a call at midnight and listens to all your problems and adjust with your tantrums and nuisances. If you replace those negative self-destructive qualities with compassion and generosity then it allows you to accept your flaws and strengthens your mental condition. All we need to do is make a difference in some positive ways and withdraw our negative traits with compassionate goals to thrive for a better life. So avoid enhancing your self-image by turning your head away from vulnerability. So what should we do? Let us quickly glance to practice compassion for oneself as well as others.

•Be supportive in times of crisis. Do not use strong and verbal abusive words to humiliate yourself and others.
•Grow compassion for others and consider when they make mistakes. Do not be judgemental!
•Making a difference in a positive way by productive and motivating work.
•Positive and constructive comments to others.
•Cut the negativity around your and avoid being self-centered.

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